Bug Profile Auto Login Malfunction
Hi! I know this has been a step child since many versions of Kodi. But as 18.7 is said to have improvements on the profile-front, I'll try it again -- maybe 18.8 can address this?

Debug Loghttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/5hq8p5GTr6/

TL;DR: Autologin to profile A. When I logoff from profile A and login to a different one (e.g. B), everything is fine. Now, if I log off of that again and wait a couple of seconds, Kodi logs into the Master profile (A) automatically (instead of waiting for my selection) -- but still shows content from the previous profile B. So if I "came" :-) from the Adult profile, I'd now see my adult profile data with the GUI settings of the Master profile.

Works fine in later 17 Versions, is buggy in all the 18 versions I have tested (18.0, 18.2, 18.3, 18.6, 18.7).

This is the biggest problem I have with profiles, I'll try to illustrate. This happens regardless of the current theme (also with Estuary), but it's easier to observe with Arctic Zephyr, as it has highlight colours.


Profile A ("Master") -- Dedicated MySQL dbs, in my case highlight-colour blue.
Profile B ("Fitness") -- Dedicated MySQL dbs, in my case highlight-colour orange.
Profile C ("Kids") -- Dedicated MySQL dbs, in my case highlight-colour green.

Profiles are set up, so Kodi automatically logs in to the Master profile.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) start Kodi. Kodi automatically logs in to the Master profile. Everything is fine -- the highlight colour is blue and the content of the Master DB is shown. --> OK
2) Log off, watch the Profile selection screen ~ 10 seconds. Nothing happens, the highlight color is still blue. --> OK
3) enter the Fitness profile. Highlight color switches to orange, Content of Fitness profile is shown. --> OK
4) Log off, watch the Profile selection screen. After a very short while (2 seconds?), the highlight colour switches from orange to blue (without any keypress) and you get logged in automatically to the Master profile. --> WRONG
5) Watch, how you can now see the slideshow from the Fitness profile. In movies and tv shows, the right Master DB content is shown (but of course I did not want to enter the Master profile in the first place). --> WRONG

If you now log off, everything works well and then starts over at 1).

So the problem: For 4), Kodi logs automatically into the Master profile instead of waiting for an user selection.


Be quick. Instead of waiting ~2 seconds for Kodi to automatically start the Master profile in step 4), quickly select the one you like before that time. That works.

No, this problem I also see in all Matrix nightly builds and I don't see a near-term fix.  It does seem like if all profiles are using Estuary it sometimes does give the logon window when you log off a secondary profile, instead of going right into masterprofile.

Something I see is it looks like service addons (that start when kodi starts) aren't handled correctly on a profile switch.

The general feeling seems to be that the profile-management design is not very well done so attempts to fix one thing ends up breaking others.  A total re-design is a huge undertaking.

My experience also is that I set profile login to start in last used profile.  At least that way Kodi always starts in that profile correctly.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Leia see: 304472
Thanks, that what I thought. Automatically logging in into the last used profile doesn't really work for me -- if it's the fourth profile (the Adult one -- luckily Arctic Zephyr only displays three profiles at a time :-)) Kodi should never automatically log in to it -- it's also protected with a PIN.

And for the others... Well now, if everything fails, I can at least restart Kodi to get into the Master-Profile.

One question though... There was some sort of fix for that for later 17 versions -- I didn't have the problem there... Any chance of finding that applying that as a patch to 18?

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