Smart playlist or sharing library help?
Hey Everyone!  I'm new to Kodi and am loving it so far, but I have stumped myself and hoping you can offer some advice.  I have all my files on a NAS and currently have Kodi installed on a Windows 10 PC and I have everything setup the way I would like on the PC.  With that setup I have three different menu items I've setup one for movies that goes to my movie library and the other two are TV shows and sports which point to smart playlist of the same corresponding name.  I have done this as I have a couple old wrestling PPV's and racing shows that I wanted to separate from the TV shows and movies.

Like I said everything I've done so far is working the way I'd like.  However I am now setting up another Kodi install on a Raspberry Pi 3.  I am looking to replicate the experience as I have setup on the PC and have the same skin, ect installed.  Now ideally what I would like to do is have the two devices be able to both show the same items watched, pause on one and resume on the other, ect.  I tried turning on the UPnP service on my PC since it is setup in the desired way and I could get the libraries added to my pi however I can't seem to replicate the two separate libraries for tv shows and sports.  Smart Playlists will show up if I add the libraries using the NAS, but it does not show as an option for me on the Pi when I add the libraries as UPnP.  Am I doing something wrong, is there another way of achieving this?  I'm afraid that using MySQL or Emby would result in the same but not sure? 

Do I just have a really weird setup that wont work like this or can someone point me in the right direction to set this up?  I mean worse comes to worse I can just forget being able to see what has been watched being shared between the devices but would like to get that functionality if possible.  Thanks!
Hello @mmitchell151

Trying to use uPnP/DLNA won't achieve what you are attempting to set up. You would need to use a Shared database like MySQL or MariaDB. Have a read of the wiki page here... then come back and ask any question.
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(2020-07-29, 04:51)Karellen Wrote: Hello @mmitchell151

Trying to use uPnP/DLNA won't achieve what you are attempting to set up. You would need to use a Shared database like MySQL or MariaDB. Have a read of the wiki page here... then come back and ask any question.
Hi @Karellen thanks for the reply! Yeah I was holding off on the MySQL route until seeing what others here posted as I was afraid it would yield the same results, but it sounds like it will work which I'm glad to hear I'll get to work on setting that up now.
Okay guys, so I have MariaDB setup now on my PC and have redone the libraries on my pc using the form of smb://, smb:// Shows, and smb:// as I figured I couldn't use a windows mapped drive anymore since I was trying to share the library with a raspberry pi running linux.  I have the raspberry pi connected to the newly setup MariaDB on my pc and it is showing all the movies, shows, sports, and the watched episodes are also synced which is great.  However it seems as though the pi is not willing to use smb:// as a accessible address.  Even if I try to add the files in using the mounted shares the library files sync'd from my PC are pointing to the smb share.  So what kind of path can I use that both Windows and Linux will connect to for this to work?  Right now if I try to play anything it says the file no longer exists would you like to remove it from the library.
Just to clarify right now on the raspberry pi it wont play anything saying the file no longer exists.  On my Windows 10 PC everything is working and playing as expected.
You have to add the shares as network paths on your Windows 10 machine.  You probably won't be able to do that using the browser so you will have to use the 'add network location' at the bottom of the list.  Then fill in the required details, ensuring that the username and password for the shares are correct.  Once that's done, scrape all your media on your Win 10 machine.  Everything should be added with the full network path.  You can verify that by either looking in the db at the paths of getting up the info dialog (in estuary) and scrolling to the last button.  The file name and path should be displayed just underneath.

Once that's all done and working, spin up the Pi and see if it now works.
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Thanks for all the help guys, just wanted to let you know I got everything working now!  I tried the route that @black_eagle suggested that still added the folder using SMB which I still dont understand why the Pi wouldn't connect to that?  So in case this helps anyone in the future, what I found that is what I ended up doing that worked was on the Pi in the advancedsettings.xml and added a section for path substitutions and set them to redirect to the folders where I had them mounted in linux on the pi before I switched to this new setup like so:


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