Config Question (Ubuntu, Kodi, Linksys WRT1900AC)
Hi.  I'm an older (65+) noob trying to set up a media server for access  both home and away from home.

I have a lot of media (Video and music) stored on an older Seagate 2TB drive currently connected to a USB on my home network Linksys WRT1900AC.
I have an older (2013) Acer Aspire laptop (Passmark 1200 CPU score)  running Ubuntu (20.04) connected to my network which loads Kodi on boot.
I have a newer Windows 10 / Ubuntu dual boot Lenovo laptop, iPad, iPhone and newish smart (Airplay) UHD HG TV.  I have the same TV at my girlfriend's house a few hundred miles away.

I would like to be able to play my media on the road and on my girlfriend's TV from my PC (or iOS device)

I am looking at installing Playon and some other Addons into Kodi,  as well as my on my PC.  I hope to not have to rely on Playon Cloud for storage

1) Is it possible to keep my media on my 2TB Seagate in the USB port of my Linksys 1900AC or do I need to have the drive directly connected to the Ubuntu Acer? I use the Seagate as an FTP drive for personal files and data when I travel.
2) If my Ubuntu Acer with Kodi is in my home network (with the seagate either on the Acer or on the Linksys, you choose) , and I take my Lenovo with Playon on the road,  can I still access my media from my girlfriend's house using my new Lenovo with Playon? Or does my Playon device need to be on the same physical network?

If I am thinking about this wrong, please redirect me.


This is my personal point of view:
You can save yourself quite a few headaches on the road by simply bringing (some of) your media onto a portable harddrive/ssd/usb-stick.
Not only will there be no streaming hiccups, but the local network security will also not be compromised by opening certain ports in your router and essentially inviting hackers.

Setting up a fixed connection to/from your home can be done best via your router, but it all depends on the capabilities it has. A VPN is a preferred method.
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Config Question (Ubuntu, Kodi, Linksys WRT1900AC)0
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