v19 Recording Padding Issue
Hi Martin,
I a did a test recording earlier today with my NextPVR setup, using the 'Record' option via the context menu whilst on the EPG. Prior to this, I configured the Pre-Padding/Post-Padding on the backend to 5mins /45mins respectively. Recording went ahead, but unfortunately, no pre or post padding was applied to the recording.

I then configured padding options using Kodi's PVR settings and scheduled another 2 programmes to record. Both went ahead and also applied the correct padding. Just wanted to check if this generally how padding should be set up for NextPVR, or should the original padding I configured on the backend have been sufficient?
Not sure if anybody else has reported this, but I can easily schedule more recordings and supply full debug logs if you think it might be a bug?

Also, quick side note question. I saw when I was logged into the backend that a new version ( was available for download. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere previously that you can just download and replace the existing version, but just wanted to check?
If you change the padding time on the server after Kodi starts then the changes won't be reflected until you restart the service but the server settings normally be the default. If that  doesn't answer the question I would need debug logs because it could be a bug.

The addon will always be compatible with the current backend release and the Matrix version might offer more feature, I have something in the pipe for 50007 already.

Hmmm, after restarting the server, padding times didn't get picked on my latest test recording.
Will set something else up to record, probably tomorrow at some point and will create a log.
Would you prefer it posted on NextPVR forum?
Thanks for checking.  I just had a look at the code and Leia/Matrix both seem to read the values from the backend and then they happily ignore it.   Right now I can't confirm if it has ever worked.

Ahh, ok. No problem.
If you need me to setup any further recordings and provide logs, if it will help, then just let me know.
The Kodi backend API doesn't seem provide a mean to pass that information   You can changing the defaults in PVR settings.   I guess I could provide an option to override 0,0 (the default) but then it makes it harder to create one when you actually want 0,0

No, that's fine Martin. I know Phunkyfish had the same issue with the E2 addon.
But like you say, I can easily use Kodi's PVR settings to change the default values.
The BBC in the UK have a terrible habit of over-running on the previous programme, so always like to have plenty of post padding to cover that eventuality.

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