[LINUX/MAC/WINDOWS] 5.1 Analog Output (6 Channel Discrete, not mirrored) Option?
Seems to me they just need to make some sort of soundmapping. Hopefully some devs will do that, since I think there are a lot of people with analog 5.1? I don't want to buy a €300 digital system, 5.1 analog sounds fine to me Smile
The problem is that the Windows version lacks in developers. WiSo is doing all that he can but he stated (see here), repeatedly, that he is no expert in audio/video stuff.

This version desperately needs someone knowledgeable enough in that field, otherwise... I don't know, I'm starting accept that we'll have to make do with the external player options.
I'm sure someone will get to it eventually, it just may be a matter of an extremely long time. Which is a shame because with analog audio out XBMC totally negates the need for me to ever upgrade my amplifier again, since XBMC can just be continually updated to support new codecs. In the meantime, encode yourself some 6ch FLAC tracs with eac3to, they take a ton of space up (lossless see) but the channel mapping etc is all correct so it's effectively what your waiting for, certainly good enough to get by with until the channel mapping is fixed for other codecs.
I've been reading a lot of threads on this issue. I was just wondering if I was understanding what I was reading or not.

At the moment, 5.1 digital-pass through works perfectly on all devices.

However, 5.1 decoding from within xbmc does not. When XBMC decodes the audio, the channels map out all wrong.

The solution to this problem is not to focus on the way XBMC sees the various speakers, but rather to arrange the streams in the standard order understood by Windows (and also, possibly, by ALSA).

At present no method exists for arranging these streams.

We know that FLAC tracks are arranged correctly. We further know that DTS, AC3, and AAC tracks are not.

Assuming this were resolved, practically any receiver could theoretically receive a full 5.1 or even 7.1 stream, either through an analog connection or using Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect.

Unfortunately, in addition to no method currently existing, we also, as a coding community, may not be sure how exactly to create such an audio filter that would properly arrange our streams.

Is that about the long and short of it?

Also, would there be any benefit in bringing this issue to the attention of the ffmpeg folks?
give phi2039 a warm welcome. He will have a look at the sound output in general and on windows a little closer (Win32 Dev, hurray Nod)
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Double hooray. I just read his take on the dspchain concept and am already feeling hopeful.
Me too, it's the final piece of delicious icing on the towering cake of XBMC for me Laugh
WiSo Wrote:give phi2039 a warm welcome. He will have a look at the sound output in general and on windows a little closer (Win32 Dev, hurray Nod)
And there was much rejoicing! Thanks phi2039 for all you'll be able to do for XBMC! Big Grin
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[LINUX/MAC/WINDOWS] 5.1 Analog Output (6 Channel Discrete, not mirrored) Option?00
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