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Is there something specific that I should be looking for?
Sort of.  If you navigate like musicvideos->artists then selecting an artist should show all of the stuff associated with them.  If the videos are associated with an album(s), then the album(s) should be listed along with any individual videos that aren't linked to an album.  The number of items listed should match the number of appearances by said artist.

This change removes the need for the user defined field that I had implemented previously (non-album associated) as it should now just list everything for a particular artist.  Also, there should be art showing for non-album videos where previously there was no art at all.
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@HomerJau ,@MikeKL ,@Sylfest 

If I read it right, what HomerJau's app does is pull apart a concert into individual tracks and then create nfo files so that the concert is then put back together in Kodi and will appear under 'albums' with 'concert name' when browsing musicvideos.  If that's correct then it seems to me what we could really do with is a separate entry for concerts as opposed to albums.

For me, an album could contain videos of the various songs on said album, but not necessarily live versions of those songs (although they could be).  A concert on the other hand is always live and the 'album' node doesn't really reflect that. So, just thinking out loud right now, my personal opinion is that things would be much improved with a 'concerts' node.  This would contain both concerts in a single file (as mine are) and concerts split into individual tracks (as HomerJau's).  'Albums' would contain tracks linked to an album but not to a concert.

 Not sure exactly how to achieve this in Kodi core just yet, but thought I would put it out there and ask for your opinions.  It would certainly improve the experience for me but happy to hear your thoughts.
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@black_eagle Yes Homerjau's app provides abilty to pull apart and then store individual tracks from one or many different artists playing at an "event" if/as we desire. i.e. a Concert as an Album. (my current understanding)

MusicBrainz appears to have a defined concept of "event" (Which by the way is where I found tagging info on Live 8) maybe this could be a new Kodi node, which as Musicbrainz suggests we can then include different types of event where Live Music is played i.e.

Concert - An individual concert by a single artist or collaboration, often with supporting artists who perform before the main act.
Festival - An event where a number of different acts perform across the course of the day. Larger festivals may be spread across multiple days.

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@black_eagle I like your idea.

I think (ideally) the Artist node in Kodi’s music library should also show a ‘concerts’ (or ‘Video’) sub-node which would then list the Concerts (like the current music video Artist node) and individual non-concert music videos. Maybe a new Setting in Kodi to control if a user wants to see Concerts/videos in their Music Library.

Im not sure what’s involved in something like that, sounds straight forward but I’ve got no idea. I guess skins may need changing, or is that all controlled by Kodi?

Thanks for your interest @black_eagle
@black_eagle One issue I’ve got with including performers (actors)in the movie style music video nfo files is the the performers get added to Kodi’s music video Artist view and they are not filtered out with the music library ‘Show album and song artists’ = False.

So in my testing I’ve added 4 Concerts all from different artists to a test Kodi install all with performers and the Artist view now has over 20 artists listed, with all the band members listed too. With 200 concerts this list will become way too bloated to use effectively.

Is it possible to get a change to Kodi for the music preference to also filter out performers (actors) from music video view too please?

(2021-05-09, 00:49)HomerJau Wrote: Is it possible to get a change to Kodi for the music preference to also filter out performers (actors) from music video view too please?

Yes, in Settings / Media / Video / show all artists (or similar) for music videos.
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