OFDB MovieposterDB doesn't work why ?
i try to add the GetMoviePosterDB Thumbs add to the OFDB Scraper, but it doesn't work, what's my failure ?

Here is my Scraper Code : http://pastebin.com/m14ffbe81


read the faq @ movieposterdb - it wants just the numbers not the tt part. that might be one issue.

also you are stuffing info into buffer 10 in GetMoviePosterDB while you want to return buffer 5? i assume you have c&p'd this from the imdb scraper, you need to read more carefully what goes on there. in particular the usage of clearbuffers="no" and the concating of buffers in GetIMDBPoster
And where i found a documentation about this ?

In the Scraper Wiki http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Scraper.xml stand nothing about cleanbuffers or thumbs ?

there is no documentation.

clearbuffers means that the buffers in the scraper isn't cleared between subsequent function calls. this allows passing data between the scraper functions. the point here is that in order to support multiple thumbs you need to have a <thumbs> tag around them. since you are fetching results in different functions, you need to do this in the end. that's what the imdb scraper does, you can see that it first calls GetIMPAPoster (which fills $$8, $$9 - dont ask me why those are in two buffers), then $$10 gets filled in GetMovieDBPoster, and $$11 in GetIMDBPoster itself, before finally wrapping them all up in a <thumbs> tag.

also note that you need the <details> tag outside it all (reason for this is that everything is recursive, and we use the same function to parse all returned xml...)
Can somebody help me please, because without a Documentation i can't unterstand this. I test it since Monday, and i doesn't work. Sad


So one Idea http://pastie.org/250041, what is wrong it loads the OFDB Thumb, but not the MoviePosterDB Cover.

The Scraper Update is from spiff, but he don't find the failure, too.

If Somebody have a idea, what`s wrong post.


( I can't edit my last post why? )
i got tired trying to explain shit so i just commit it to svn. enjoy
OK Thx
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