I'm moving from CP to Radarr, need help with movie renaming
If someone could provide a link to some documentation with renaming pattern formatting? With examples, would be helpful. Anything that helps me match up EMM formatting syntax to Radarr.

I have a very large library 14k+ of movies and after years of Couchpotato I've decided to move to Radarr. But it seems I need to rename all of my movies into a format Radarr can understand and import properly. Currently the folders and files are just named, "Movie Title (Year)\Movie Title.ext". The folder name is just fine, don't want to touch that. But I'm looking to rename the files to something like this.

{Movie Title} {(Release Year)} {[EDITION TAGS]}{[QUALITY FULL]}{IMDb Id}.ext

What is the equivalent pattern syntax for EMM?
(2020-09-15, 21:02)laryan Wrote: {Movie Title} {(Release Year)} {[EDITION TAGS]}{[QUALITY FULL]}{IMDb Id}.ext

What is the equivalent pattern syntax for EMM?

There really isn't an equivalent, you can sort of do
Which gives you The Avengers (2012)\The Avengers (2012) [bluray-1080p] tt0848228.ext

Your best bet is to just let Radarr do all the renaming and only use Ember for metadata. Radarr should recognise everything if you have your movies set like "Movie Title (Year)\Movie Title.ext"
Thanks for the example.

Everything I’ve been able to find online, all say to use an external program to rename the movie files first before importing into Radarr. Otherwise it will not pick up file resolution, etc. I’ve imported a test batch of movies and I can confirm no details. But new downloaded movie, the details are there.

i think moving forward longterm, having that extra details in the movie filename can only be a benefit. I need Radarr and EMM naming to match up, so they’re not over writing each other.
Try doing file rename with an old free version of filebot https://sourceforge.net/projects/filebot...Bot_4.7.7/ that should give what you need for file names
Regarding the file naming pattern portion, [$S-$R], in komplex example regarding [Video Source-Resolution]. How do not add the dash when Video Source is available? As it is currently if Video Source isn't available I get [-1080p] in the file title.
I thought I'd add a follow-up to my old thread. This is how I ended up configuring EMM and Radarr, for movie renaming.

All (re)naming of movies is handled by Radarr. All new movies as they're added use this new format. The older/existing movies in my library I've left naming as-is. I couldn't think of a reason to take the effort force a rename across my complete movie library. But there are occasions when I'll need to rename or correct a single older movie.

In Radarr I use the following naming formatting.

{Movie Title} {(Release Year)}{ Edition Tags}{ [Quality.Full]} [imdb-{ImdbId}]{ [MediaInfo AudioCodec} {MediaInfo AudioChannels]}{ [MediaInfo VideoCodec]}

Which give me a movie name that looks similar to this example.
Movie Title (2021) [WEBDL-1080p] [imdb-tt12345678] [EAC3 2.0] [h264].mkv

I have EMM configured to NOT rename movies on scrape/scan. But I can, if needed, using the rename feature. EMM is configured with the following naming format.

$T {($Y)}{ $S}{-$R}{ [imdb-$I]}{ [$J $A]}{ [$H]}$?576p?DVD-576p?$?540p?DVD?$? 720p? HD$!TV-720p?$?:??$?/??$?¡??

The only issue I've found, and its rare, is Radarr not picking up or adding a IMDb number to the name. But that easily corrected with a search for a title with the string "[imdb-]". Then correct movie match in Radarr, and rename.

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I'm moving from CP to Radarr, need help with movie renaming0
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