v18 SNES game controller with analog sticks - how to map/use them in SNES games?
Hi all,

I tried out the retro game feature of Kodi (18.8 on LibreELEC 9.2.4, RasPi 3) with great success. Pairing my 8bitdo NES 30 Pro (I have v1) was also no issue, I could map its buttons to the respective ones in the SNES controller profile. Going through the config steps, I was also asked to press (move, really) the analog sticks, and the axis were recognized. However, the profile of the controller did not show the analog stick axis afterwards at all (I believe because the controller profile only maps the original SNES buttons?).

I could easily map the analog sticks to the Kodi controller profile and use them to navigate the Kodi menus and change volume etc., but neither mapping and/or resetting of the controller profiles yielded my ultimately desired result: being able to use the analog sticks that come with the controller inside my SNES games. I have a feeling that a customized controller profile is needed. Something that maps the sticks to D-Pad actions or something similar, for the SNES emus to make sense of them.

Is this a lost cause? What do I need to do in order to use the sticks to move around in SNES games? I tried SNES9x and bSNES emus, if that matters.

I'll be happy to supply any modified profiles and files via PR to benefit future generations of retro gamers. I just need a few hints on where to start modifying Smile.

Thx a lot for your help!

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SNES game controller with analog sticks - how to map/use them in SNES games?0
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