How can I normalize the sound for Music Videos?
I asked a similar question in 2004.  I found two programs.  Both no longer available.

I like to play music videos in succession without having to adjust the volume.  My prior software let me set the loudness so that all my music videos played at similar volume.
I haven't tried it, but from the man pages it looks like the python package ffmpeg-normalize will do what you want, if you don't mind re-encoding the audio tracks in the files.  I do a similar process, but use the audacity program which involves some extra steps.  The Kodi music player has the ability to apply a volume adjustment based on a file tag for replaygain, but the video player doesn't have this option.


did some testing using this tool.  It implements ffmpeg loudnorm filter.  I used the defaults with EBU R128 gain method.   It did normalize as expected.  I compared the results to what I got using replaygain.  I found the ffmpeg-normalize files were about 7 dB down from using replaygain.  Depending on you needs, I found setting the target LUF to -16 (option -t -16 in the command line) gave results that match default replaygain (if for example you use replaygain on mp3 music and want to use mixed playlists of songs and music videos this should give good results playing the playlist).  Again, this entails re-encoding your audio tracks in the musicvideos.

scott s.
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Another tool that does this, also based on ffmpeg, is BS1770GAIN.

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How can I normalize the sound for Music Videos?0
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