Release Release v4
After several months of development we are proud to announce

tinyMediaManager v4

As we have already written in a previous post tinyMediaManager is changing from a free license model to a subscription based license model. The key arguments for this decision are that we can no more invest this amount of spare time into tinyMediaManager without any financial compensation. If you need more information about this decision, please read the corresponding post.

For further information please read the article on our homepage.

30.09.2020 - Release 4.0.2
+ enhanced display of ratings  
+ added action to re-fetch IMDB ratings #989  
x set "Disable SSL certificate verification" to true per default to avoid connection problems  
x cleanup of changed artwork extensions #1015  
x show language names in UI language #1010  
x added more rating providers to the settings  
x re-added file size to the media files table  
x preserve epbookmark tag in episode NFOs  
x reworked the new indicator to use less space  
x rebuild image cache when changing data source #1021  
x writing/cleanup of downloaded subtitle files #993  

Release 4.0.1
x fixed upgrade of v3 settings

Release 4.0
- bundled JRE and rewritten launcher (no installed Java needed any more)
- real HiDPI support (slightly changed look and feel to achieve correct UI scaling)
- mix in IMDB ratings for almost every scraper without the need of the universal scrapers
- universal TV show scraper
- completely reworked libmediainfo usage:
  - full support of reading/writing mediainfo XML files
  - better support of disc structures (.iso and VIDEO_TS/BDMV/HVDVD_TS folders)
  - several fixes for reading data out of libmediainfo
- enhanced filter management
- new command line interface
- mediainfo integration for
- support for Windows taskbar / macOS dock access
- added a true regular expression search for movies/movie set/TV show titles
- display missing episodes in the season overview panel
- provide artwork from TMDB for search
- added showlink support for movies
- better performance in regular expression searches
- fixed handling of MP2/MP3 streams
- enhanced downloading of youtube trailers
- KodiRPC: improve matching
- and many more changes under the hood...
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