MECOOL Android TV Box KM6 Series w/ Amlogic S905X4 SoC
(2021-05-17, 18:48)clarkss12 Wrote:
(2021-05-17, 09:07)Vlaves Wrote:
(2021-05-16, 22:24)clarkss12 Wrote: Using what app?  Works fine for me....... but no scientific data........  I use Emby for my live and recorded TV, 480i, 720p, 1080i and the Silicondust app for the HEVC channels, with Dolby AC-4 audio.....

If you could test it with the Live Channel App or Kodi. Are the 1080i recording h264 or MPEG2? Thanks for the support here.

I did some brief testing using the PVR app in Kodi.
 It appears that the interlaced channels have NO issue.  HOWEVER, the live streams that are 29.970 fps have lots of dropped frames, that is with the automatic frame rate switching disabled........  BUT, it appears that all of my 1080i channels are broadcast in 59.940fps, and they have not issues at all.  So, if you like watching the oldies on the sub channels, then this is not the box for you.  ONLY the 480i channels that are broadcast the the 29.970fps have issues.

The Mecool KM2 does NOT have this issue, however, it does not support AFRs.......

Thanks for the Reply, this sounds to me like those channels are US based, is that correct? As I am based in Europe, the channels here are encoded in 1080i h264 at 25fps. So therefore there is a test clip in the Kodi samples WIKI linked here (Sample 1080i h264 at 25fps Video) and if you could test that, it would be great. It should playback if everything works well at 50fps and there should be no interlacing lines. 

Another question. Is it possible for Kodi to switch resolution if you set the box to be at 50Hz as a standard. I am just not sure if the box needs to be set to automatic (which would probably result in a standard 60Hz frequency) and as most content here is 25fps, setting the box at 50fps would not lead to much frequency switching apart from watching a movie at 24fps.

Hope that's not too complicated phrased what I have written in the second part of this post. Tricky to phrase it if english is not you native language Smile

(2021-05-17, 16:07)clarkss12 Wrote: ...
It does NOT have all the features that the Mecool KM6 Deluxe has.  There is NO option for automatic refresh rate switching..........  So, NO, it does not support the AFRs.

Okay, so it will not automatically adapt the refresh rate, but can at least Kodi switch the refresh rate on the KM2? I rarely watch streaming content, just at times, so more important is if Live TV as linked above is working and at least Kodi can switch refresh rate. Thanks for your support here Smile really awesome testing this for us.

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MECOOL Android TV Box KM6 Series w/ Amlogic S905X4 SoC0
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