MECOOL Android TV Box KM6 Series w/ Amlogic S905X4 SoC
(2021-02-04, 05:20)clarkss12 Wrote:
(2021-01-16, 02:05)hdmkv Wrote: The Verizon box does have Netflix 4K I believe.

@clarkss12, I asked this of the YT'er on KM6 Deluxe and haven't gotten a reply. Look forward to you informing us Smile
Quote:Is HLG HDR supported from YouTube? Does your TV indicate HLG? Also for local media, Prime Video and Disney+, is 23.976 supported, or does content play at 60? Finally, is ATMOS supported for local media; what about DTS-HD MA?
Received my KM6 Deluxe today and been doing some testing.  Very positive news........  Disney+ DOES automatically switch frame rate to 24hz with HDR 10.  The switching is very fast, in that the screen only flickers very briefly, while switching frame rates.  The setting for frame rate switching is called HDMI self-adaptation.  I can't test Dolby Vision because my Visio P65Q9-H1 doesn't show it, even though it is supposed to support it.  The picture quality is  fantastic, compared to my 4.5 year old sammy that I replaced.

This box still does NOT passthrough the HD audio codecs, nor does it play VC-1 files natively.
One biggie that I was hoping for was the ability to play Vudu (Google Play Movies) in UHD, but alas, it only plays my purchased UHD movies in HD..  

I really don't know who this device is made for, since it does not support Netflix natively, that rules out most of the media consumers........  Since it does NOT passthrough the HD audio codecs, it eliminates the cinema buffs..........

I just buy them to see what they can do.........  I already have the KM 1, which just one version behind this one........  I also have the KM8 in a drawer someplace.......

Overall, I am very pleased with it, but have no idea who in my family I could recommend it to... I don't even know anyone in my family that I can give all my retired boxes to.....Guess I am too far out in left field.....  The crazy uncle......

Hi please tell me if this passthrought DD 5.1 and DTS via optical cable to amplifier. I saw you wrote it does not HD audio, but what about  DD 5.1 and DTS?  I dives me crazy there is absolutly nothing about anywhere! How would I use it with my home theatre set up without DD 5.1 and DTS? It would be nonsense. Thanks!

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MECOOL Android TV Box KM6 Series w/ Amlogic S905X4 SoC0
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