Linux NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB Dev Kit SBC (Nvidia Tegra Single Board Computer) for $54 US
A new 2GB budget version of NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit SBC (Nvidia Tegra SoC based Single Board Computer for Linux) has now been launched for only $54 US.

Could this be used as a powerful Kodi media player + video game console emulator box capable of 4K and HDR hardware acceleration when running a Linux OS distro?

Nvidia is primarily marketing it as an affordable Single Board Computer to be used for AI and Robotics development prototyping and education platform by developers.


Specifications copied from
  • Jetson Nano 2GB CPU Module (which is similar but not exactly the same as slimmed down NVIDIA Tegra X1)
    • ARM Cortex-A57 MPCore Quad-Core 64-bit (AArch64 / ARM64) processor @ 1.43 GHz per core
    • Nvidia Maxwell GPU with 128 CUDA cores (with NVENC/NVDEC and CUDA capabilities)
    • System Memory  – 2 GB 64-bit LPDDR4 25.6 GB/s
    • Storage  – MicroSD card slot  (SD Card not included)
    • Video Decode 500MP/sec
      • 1x 4K @ 60 (HEVC)
      • 2x 4K @ 30 (HEVC)
      • 4x 1080p @ 60 (HEVC)
      • 8x 1080p @ 30 (HEVC)
      • 9x 720p @ 60 (HEVC)
    • Video Encode @ 250MP/sec
      • 1x 4K @ 30 (HEVC)
      • 2x 1080p @ 60 (HEVC)
      • 4x 1080p @ 30 (HEVC)
      • 4x 720p @ 60 (HEVC)
      • 9x 720p @ 30 (HEVC)
      • Dimensions of only the Jetson Nano 2GB CPU Module – 70 x 45 mm
    • Jetson Nano Baseboard for the 2GB GPU module
      • Mechanical 260-pin edge SO-DIMM connector for Jetson Nano module.
      • Video Output – HDMI 2.0
      • Connectivity
        • Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45 port)
        • Optional 802.11ac wireless USB adapter and extension cable sold by Nvidia
      • USB – 1x USB 3.0 ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports, 1x USB 2.0 Micro-B port for power or device mode
      • Camera I/F – 1x MIPI CSI-2 DPHY lanes compatible with Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 and HQ camera
    • Expansion
      • 40-pin expansion header with GPIO, I2C, I2S, SPI, UART signals
      • 12-pin header for power and related signals and UART
      • Misc – Power LED, 4-pin fan header
      • 4-pin Fan header (Not initially available in all regions)
      • Power Supply – 5V/3A via USB-C
    • Operating-systems
      • Supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS by default but all NVIDIA Jetson Nano devkits are already well supported throughout the industry and open source communities
      • Android and Android TV is not officially supported but inofficial third-party builds are available
    • Dimensions of baseboard – 100 x 80 x 29 mm (with heatsink)

    Could this budget Nvidia SBC with its Nvidia Tegra type SoC and GPU be a Raspberry Pi 4 killer Kodi media player users and RetroPlayer gamers will want?

    Basically a mini single board computer version of an Nvidia Shield TV but meant for Linux instead of Android TV operating-system.

    Worldwide pre-orders are open on sites like Amazon, Seeed Studio and others, with shipping scheduled to start at the end of the month.

    A similar but beefier and slightly more costly NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer kit with a 4GB RAM SBC that also has DisplayPort, more USB 3.0 ports, an M.2 Key E socket, PoE support, plus one additional CSI camera connector was introduced in March 2019 for $99 US:

    Official getting started guide:

    Nvidia Jetson Benchmarks

2GB should be plenty for both Kodi usage and for emulation. I will be keeping an eye for on it for both purposes as I have yet to snag anything as I haven't had the cash for anythuing like this. I was thinking of the Pi 4 2gb model but with this being a thing now it pretty much knocks the Pi 4 out of the running for me personally. If we can start seeing this in handhelds that would be sweet. May look into building one myself if need be tho. Software will be done by others but I will look into getting the hardware up and running with controls and a screen and likely just use an off the shelf battery bank. Basically be looking at Vita-Switch Lite in screen size at 1280x720(800) and be looking into running android most likely for the emulation side of things so I can also toss and4roid based games on it as well.
It doesn't seem like there has been much recent active development around Kodi for Nvidia Jetson Nano / Nvidia Jetson / Nvidia Tegra on Linux?

Hopefully the main reason for lack of Kodi development for Nvidia's ARM SoCs has been previous prices of the hardware which changed now.

There does however not yet seem to be official support for NVDEC (NVDECODE API) upstream support in Kodi's FFmpeg version on Linux?
Kodi fork for Nvidia Jetson Nano with OpenGL ES (GLES) GPU hardware acceleration and NVDEC video decoding on its Nvidia type Tegra SoC

Docker container with Kodi build for aarch64 architecture (ARM64) with support of NVIDIA Linux For Tegra.

Nvidia Jetson L4T board support package documentation for multimedia (including V4L2 API for encoding, decoding, scaling, and other media functions)

FFmpeg for NVIDIA's L4T Multimedia API

Script for compiling FFmpeg with Nvidia NVENC (Nvidia hardware accelerated video encoding) support enabled:

Project dedicated to running Android and Android TV on Nvidia Jetson Development Kits:

LineageOS (Android fork) on Nvidia Jetson and Nvidia Tegra

Guide for running Linux OS on Nvidia Jetson Nano from an USB drive / USB disk or SSD via the USB 3.0 port
Trying to launch 20.0 build and it seems soo close....

<general>: CDRMUtils:TonguerintDrmDeviceInfo - DRM Device Info:
                   available_nodes: 0x05
                     nodes[0]: /dev/dri/card0
                     nodes[2]: /dev/dri/renderD128
                   bustype: 0x02
                       fullname: /tegra_udrm
debug <general>: CDRMUtils::OpenDrm - opened render node: /dev/dri/renderD128
debug <general>: COffScreenModeSetting::InitDrm - initialized offscreen DRM
debug <general>: CWinSystemGbm::InitWindowSystem - initialized DRM
 info <general>: Found resolution 1280x720 with 1280x720 @ 50.000000 Hz
error <general>: failed to get EGL display (EGL_SUCCESS)
debug <general>: CApplication::CreateGUI - unable to init gbm windowing system
debug <general>: CWinSystemGbm:Big GrinestroyWindowSystem - deinitialized DRM
Like I posted in another thread Kodi works fine on the Jetson nano within Android. It's just a pain to flash lineage OS. Also wifi modules don't seem to work in LineageOS so it will need a Ethernet connection. Still better than getting it to work in Nvidia's jankie Ubuntu 18.04 OS. I Wish AMD would release a board like this. But I guess all these tegra chips were just extra pennies Nvidia squeezed out of what they made for the Nintendo switch.
The only problem is that none of them have 3D frame pack support which jetson nano promises.
This is the only reason I still keep RPi 4 up and running.

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NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB Dev Kit SBC (Nvidia Tegra Single Board Computer) for $54 US0
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