MediaStream v0.85 Released
Based on the feedback we've had over the last few days we've been busy scurrying about, fixing issues and adding new features to try and make sure the skin is in as stable a state as possible.

The following is a list of what's changed since the original release:
  • Added: Option to move the blade on the home screen further to the left (this is now the default)
  • Added: Option to turn off the watched/unwatched icons on the posters/thumbs
  • Added: Option to see current weather info on the home screen
  • Added: Fanart button on Movie Info dialog
  • Added: Option to make the clock bigger
  • Added: Log Out button in On/Off menu on Home screen (if Login screen is enabled)
  • Added: Scrollbars to Settings screen (if no. of options does not fit on screen)
  • Added: New French translation (thanks to Modhack)
  • Added: Actor thumbs to video info dialogs
  • Updated: Speeded up animations in general tried to speed up the transitions to/from the Settings screen
  • Updated: Made the video preview on the home screen full screen (behind the blade)
  • Updated: Movie fanart now displays using a largeimage control (should make browsing movies with fanart smoother)
  • Updated: Tidied up the navigation of the video info dialogs
  • Updated: Now Playing indicator (in the bottom left) should not display when Now Playing UI is not available (movies views)
  • Fixed: Issue where music player controls appeared in wrong position on Music Visualisation screen
  • Fixed: Blurry text in list when text item scrolls as it is too wide
  • Fixed: File Browser appears behind the Video OSD when broiwsing for subtitles
  • Fixed: Refresh button in Movie Info dialog
  • Fixed: Width of title in Video OSD when non-library video is playing
  • Fixed: Songs view now appearing when in Music Playlist screen
  • Fixed: Flashing of Movies background when returning to Home screen
  • Fixed: Thumbs bar moving up to the centre of the screen in the Image Stream view when holding down left/right
  • Fixed: Animation and button alignment on Profiles screen

You can get the new release by going to our website at and then clicking on the Download Now link.

You might be wondering why this is version 0.85 and not 1.x and the reason for this is that we're not gong to say we're at version 1.0 until we have completed all the original features we had in mind when we first started this project. At the moment the most obviously absent 'feature' is 4x3 support and when we get that in and a few other less obvious changes then we will be happy to call it a 1.0 release.

Finally a big thanks goes out from all the team for the positive manner in which the skin has been received. The feedback you have given has been excellent and really helped us in evaluating what work still needs to be done on the skin (at the moment we have a list of about 20 or so things that have to be considered for future releases!).

Thank You Big Grin
perfect. i can't wait.
Well that was a mean trick. I came in here thinking there was a new version to download. Laugh Oh well, can't wait for the next release. This skin was worth the wait.
good stuff lads, keep it up!
xeonicxpression Wrote:Well that was a mean trick. I came in here thinking there was a new version to download. Laugh Oh well, can't wait for the next release. This skin was worth the wait.

Same here but kudos for taking all the suggestions on board guys.
I will be glad to see the home blade moved to the left, I think this will make a lot of the backdrops I currently have for Aeon look a lot better in this skin.
Geeeesssssss you fellas work fast!! hats off!
Than you.

You guys are showing true professionalism in developing this skin and interacting with your customers (even if we don't pay anything. Any chance of a Paypal donation button?).

I look forward to the updated release.


Thanks, but we dont need paying thanks mate!!! We're just doing cause we want to.
Great to see a team of skinners who take suggestions without a pinch of salt... that's what makes this project so worthwhile... and to think... mediastream is just gonna get better and better... who knows what it will be like a few months in the future...

still think that ms paint mockup was the best though... if u guys can incorporate a few of those ideas into mediastream... this skin ill be perfect... and we'll have nothing to suggest... Smile
I went off the purple colour justs didn't work...and it was a PAIN trying to incorporate fanart into it Big Grin
Maybe the original concept would be suitable for a more basic, focused, fan-artless skin?
Fantastic team working on this! Already the only bug that I found (video filename length on OSD) will be fixed. The main update I'm awaiting is 4x3 support, but that will come with time. Smile
HI chrislee149....yes 4x3 will be worked on very soon. obviosuly you are aware that the skin WILL currently work on 4x3, but it's a little squished.
Sorry about the delay in the next release folks but spotted a couple of bugs at the last minute (just as we were about to update the download links) and are having to sort through those now.

Still hoping that we'll get the release out at some point today though (although it could be into the evening at this rate) and if it's any consolation there's a few more fixes/updates to those detailed at the top of the thread.
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