New Nokia branded Android TV Box
i guess its something you get used to, ive been using a fire remote for awhile but only after deprecating a harmony elite after the discontinuation news

depends on what you use it for i guess, if i try to control a blu-ray player with the limited remote it's useless, i tried controlling one over cec from the fire remote and the missing buttons broke functionality where i had to get the original remote out

for my instance, i have the new fire remote pro -

it is bluetooth and is pairable to coreelec directly but im using it over cec to coreelec

of those buttons, i use the 4 navigation, select, back, home, menu, volume, power which can be found on the standard remote anyway

(that older one is the one i actually have paired to my coreelec box but isnt used most the time)

in kodi i have back mapped to stop, select mapped to play/pause, menu mapped to context/info

so pressing menu on any item brings up the context menu as well as long press select

pressing menu in fullscreenvideo brings up the OSD which is set to autohide after 10s

select in fullscreenvideo plays/pauses

back in fullscreenvideo stops

then normal navigation with the ring

otherwise cec controls everything else, coreelec box connects to cube, cube connects to soundbar, soundbar connects to tv

tv source never changes so it's on/off only
volume controlled in soundbar
and my cube controls devices plugged into input hdmi

i used a remote remapper for the bottom 4 streaming buttons and netflix opens kodi, the other 3 do what they're intended and i rarely use any of the 4

of the arrow up/down on the middle they can be used for channel control in kodi but i dont have anything like that setup in kodi so they're unused as well as the tv and settings icon in the middle

FF/REW do what they're supposed to but generally using the navigation ring i skip forward/back x seconds instead (same function as arrows on a keyboard)

so outside of bluray control (which kodi replaces anyway) it works for everything

the new voice remote is a battery killer though so maybe not the best option, replacing batteries every 6-8wks where other remotes can go years

but it is backlit and voice, i have smart home switches installed throughout my home so it's rather handy to command lights on/off

also on that note, the 1 and 2 buttons are custom configurable so i have them set to lighting modes "Intermission" and "Theatre" which i set up and do what you would think, on theatre it makes the "house lights go down" and in intermission it makes them come back up....

(big nerd here)

if youre in the US the fire remote can be had for cheap -

since it's bluetooth pairable i would be curious if it's pairable to shield... im going to buy an extra one to try with coreelec

actually i got the one out of the drawer that came with the gen3 and it pairs to coreelec just fine, gives a few buttons that can be mapped as needed
@jepsizofye, I'm Canadian, so no Rocktec domestically.  While better than the Shield's that remote is as useless as any for me for PVR, there are much better ones avoid long presses.  Since this thread is about the Nokia it looks like it has what most users would need.

Homatics seems to have best firmware support (see telegram beta group)

With same hardware I'm looking far for Dune Homatics player

Full remote on :

But best is Nokia that is retro illuminated

With same hardware from SEI there is also Rocktek but I don't know them about firmware release

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