v18 Smart Playlist Issue
I set up three smart playlists with the following rules:

a) "Kids - Genres.xsp": selects movies by genres which are suitable for kids
b) "Kids - Age.xsp": selects movies with a de/0 and de/6 rating
c) "Kids.xsp": selects movies which have been selected by "Kids - Genres.xsp" AND "Kids - Age.xsp" AND have not been played before

Until recently, this worked perfectly fine. Today I discovered that it doesn't work anymore for whatever reason. I discovered the following "issues" which might help to identify the root cause:

a) in the Smart Playlist Editor "Kids" contains a different rule than what the "Kids.xsp" file in the ~/.kodi/userdata/playlists folder contains
b) when trying to select the "Kids" playlist in the widget configuration screen ALL but my "Kids" playlist are shown even though it definitely is there
c) it also looks like a new playlist which was not created via the Smart Playlist Editor, but via a text editor is not available in the widget configuration screen

Any ideas what could have happend?

Thank you!
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Hello, i want to make my smart playlist "unplayed" though i have tons of music videos in that one for partys... Recently i discovered that some songs never get played again, then i saw it was a played sign at it... I thought it should go on for ever when i make it as a shuffle mode... Is there a way as a tv show way there i do a long press on the remote an choose "all unplayed" or something like that? Best regards Thore from Sweden

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