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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions a.k.a. not so frequently asked questions that I would like to answer anyway

When I switch to library mode, the next time it's back to file mode. Or vice versa.
- On the homescreen pressing one of the menu items takes you to the file mode categories. When hovered on for example "videos" press the direction down button to access a submenu with various library related functions.

Do I have to go back to the homescreen to go into my settings or switch to another type of media?
No, wherever you are, you can use the shutdownmenu (right trigger button on the controller, "S" key on a keyboard, or set to a key on your remote) to access any part of XBMC. When going back, it will return you to the screen you were at before. The shutdownmenu in Focus is utilized to serve not only as the actual shutdown menu, but also as a system wide navigation panel.

How to map a key on your remote to bring up the shutdown menu

Adding the following to the keymap.xml file (located in xbmc directory\userdata):

Will make the 0 button on your remote bring up the menu.

More info:

Scripts, programs, filemanager and weather are missing
These are grouped together in the accessories submenu. Press down when hovered.

The scrollbars don't work, are missing, or look bad!
- Implementation of the scrollbars is not completed at the moment.

Where's the left hand menu?
- It's hiding in the left corner waiting for you to tickle it by pressing left

Why is it hiding?
- Because you don't need it 90% of the time. Focus aims to give prominent space to your media.

Will there be changes/enhancements aimed at HD users?
- Yes.

I use a language other than english in XBMC and sometimes the text is too wide for the buttons
- I know. I will try to adress most of these. But it's low-ish priority for now.

I use a mouse in XBMC and I can't use the submenus on the homescreen. And menu's appear when I don't want them too. I want my money back!
- Although you are being a bit silly for using a mouse in a mediacenter application, I will try to come up with something for this at some point.

I want to customize the homescreen submenus
- In order to make this possible the whole menu and submenus will need to be rewritten. This is considered a long term plan. They can be customized with some very basic knowledge of XBMC skinning though. See this post for a starting point:

Feature x,y,z does not work!
- First make sure it's skin-specific by testing in PM3, then make sure it's reproducable, then tell me how to Smile
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