Howto play DolbyDigital+ stream from radio station OE1DD
Sadly, from beginning of 2020, the austrian radio OE1DD is no longer available by DVB-S2. Instead OE1 is bradcasted as part of the smart HBBTV offer from OE1. Interestingly despite austrian broadcasts are encrypted, its HBBTV offer is freely available. That stream has the link
OE1DD and can be viewed by e.g. firefox. Sadly the audio stream included can't be decoded because it's an DolbyDigital+ (eAAC) stream.

Is it possible to play this stream somehow using Kodi? Of course Kodi shouldn't decode it, that will be the task of the receiving AVR. I have tried to load that URL using an .strm file without success.

The main reason why I want to get it: many austrian music events are broadcasted as 5.1 multichannel sound, and that's great to listen to. Currently I have stay only with the 2-channel DVB-S2 from OE1.
I can answer myself partly. Now I know that the OE1DD stream is a dash stream with an mpd file. To play it one needs the adaptive inputstream addon

apt-get install kodi-inputstream-adaptive

But I tried very hard, to enable it within kodi - reason: the menu "videoplayer addons" is missing on my Kodi installation. By miracle it appeared after installation of

apt-get install kodi-inputstream-rtmp

Thus now I could enable the adaptive module (BTW, there is currently no possibility to enable RTMP?!).

I created an strm file named oe1dd.srtm containing:


And now I can listen to OE1DD. Sadly the sound is completely distorted. My Denon AVR reports 5.1 channels (as expected). Decoding Dolby Digital + (== eaac3?) is working without problems. Thus I'd expect that by pass-through my Denon should play the 5.1 eaac3 stream without problems.

Maybe you can give me some hints ... see the appended logfile
Spurious enough some minutes later the distortions are completely gone. Now I'll have to wait for some days till OE1DD will send a real 5.1 program.
(2020-11-30, 01:45)HeresJohnny Wrote: Good thing you quoted yourself twice, otherwise users might completely forget what you wrote before.

You are of course right. I TRIED to delete the automatically included reply. As you've seen without success. Maybe it's a limitation when using a tablet? I can edit the text within reply, but I can't delete it.
a) don't hit the reply button, just type in the "quick reply"futher down the screen
b) edit your post before you send it and remove the unnecessary quoting. This is sometimes easier in source view (see button in menu bar labelled "source") rather than WYSIWYG

Sorry I can't help with your actual problem
I've a new "discovery" w.r.t. oe1dd (from There are two different streams available - one using PCM and one using eaac3. To get the latter create the file oe1dd.strm with simply one line

As far as I understand that should be the best quality available.
Even better - there already exists the ORF radithek addon

It already resolves my problem in providing OE1DD as a live stream!

Thanks a lot to its author sofaking!

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