Very slow to load TMM
I have been using TMM for a few years and have noticed that the recent (2020-'ish) versions have been very, very slow to load with starting the program.  I have a lot movies in my collection (1000+) but I had over 1000 last year too and TMM was not near as slow then as it is now.  I have always ran TMM from a NAS drive, i.e. the TMM directory is located on a NAS drive and I run the program by running "tinyMediaManager.exe" from the NAS.  It literally takes upwards of 3-4 minutes to load the UI.  Any ideas?  I would like to continue having the TMM db on the NAS so that I can access it from multiple computers on my network.  thanks in advance for the help.
did you check how the memory usage of tmm is? (settings - general - show memory usage (at the bottom)). Maybe you hit the default memory limit of tmm and the garbage collector has too much to do freeing memory.

on my notebook I have a test installation with 3500 movies and I am fine with the default memory settings (512M)... I can imagine what else could slow down loading. are you already on 4.0.5? there has been a huge loading boost for large libraries with a lot of tags
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Very slow to load TMM0
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