Android Fire TV: Music Stops and Starts every couple of seconds in certain circumstances
(2020-11-28, 21:16)BatterPudding Wrote: Yamaha AV amp (RX-A1070) here, and I play a ton of music with no screen turned on.

My KODI lives on a PC attached direct to Yamaha via HDMI 1.  Usually control the amp using the web interface from a different PC.  KODI controlled through Web Interface on PC or Yatse on Android phone\tablet

KODI is set on "Allow Passthrough" as DirectSound.  All the settings ticked to give full details for the AV AMP abilities.  (Details will be dug out if required)

No special boxes here - just standard HDMI lead between Yamaha and the nVidia graphics card in the PC.

Screen attached to AMP with a different HDMI lead on Amp output.

PC -> Amp -> Screen

In KODI and Win10 when the Screen is off the output device is called "HDMI - RX-A1070 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)" and when the screen is on it is "HDMI - Panasonici (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)".  KODI doesn't care and will just keep playing music even if I suddenly power up the screen mid-song.

I also access the computer from my main PC using work Remote Access Software hence why I can "see" the screen when no monitor powered up.

KODI is loverly and handles all this without troubles.

To add to the picture - my FLAC and MP3 files live on a separate server accessed via Windows SMB shares.

Zero stutters

Why do you have KODI PC attached to the screen instead of the Amp?  Or is KODI on the Amazon stick?  If so, where are the music files?

Hi, BatterPudding!

I rarely use Kodi for Windows, but the last time I tried (months ago), the problem didn't occur. But overwhelmingly I use Kodi on my two Fire TV Gen 2 boxes. My Primary connection chain is Fire TV/Kodi -> Receiver -> HDTV Port 1 (via an nVidia  card). There are two more HDMI connections to the HDTV which I use, one of which (Port 2) is output from my computer (via an built-in Intel card), which I use extensively,  and the other from my laptop (which I rarely use).

The problem in my OP only occurs when I switch the HDTV from Port 1 to Port 2 while Kodi is playing on Port 1.

I, too, usually use passthrough, but whether enabled or not, the same problem occurred. To answer your final questions, I do not use Kodi on my PC. And I'm not using an Amazon stick; instead I'm using Fire TV Gen 2 box. All my media is shared via NFS, which for me works vastly better than SMB.

But that's all moot now, since with the replacement receiver the problem doesn't exist.  But thanks for your reply!

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