Can I stream TV shows from the web to XBMC?
I use sites such as Hulu, Veoh, and NinjaVideo to watch TV shows on my PC. Any way to play these through XBMC for XBOX so I can sit on my couch instead of hunching over my PC? Thank you!
What a dummy....I spelled Ninjavideo wrong when I was searching. That's why I didn't get any results! I have found the thread here explaining how to do it. Rolleyes
Check out Navi-X script for XBMC! It's has tons of quality video playlists and if you like Adult Swim, your gonna wanna get Navi-X! They got so many episodes, it's discusting!
Glad you found ninjavideo Smile Don't forget, you need to run the VeohProxy to get ninjaVideo working unfortunately isn't available because it streams using RTMP, which xbmc doesn't currently support (at least not for xbox). Search for Hulu or RTMP if you want more info.

@IronBill: Geebus you're proud of that .plx file aren't you? Laugh
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Can I stream TV shows from the web to XBMC?00