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'Stable' release of XBMC for Xbox
The latest stable release is listed on the t3ch website as 2006-11-12.
Most people would probably not want to get such an old release, but if you're like me you're probably reluctant to install the latest build.
Just wondering what release people are using, and if they have found it to be relatively stable.
I read somewhere that many fixes were recently merged from the linux port. Can anyone confirm how stable this latest release is?
It's really old now.

I mean if you use it and it does what you need, then great.

But it probably wont work with many newer skins and plugins/scripts, and will be missing many of the shiniest new features.

I think the recommendation would be to use the latest svn.

If you are not sure about it then use one that's been on the go for a few weeks... if you see no posts about major problems here on the forum, then chances are it will work for you too.

Also you may have noticed on the forum and main page that a new stable release is planned soon (a couple of months i think) so you could always wait for that, it's called atlantis.

Oh and also...

I normally have the latest t3ch svn release installed and find it to be very stable indeed.

The very odd occasion there is a show stopping bug and i have to roll back.

Thanks Shorty

I missed that about atlantis -- that's good news!

Sounds like I'll give the latest T3ch release a go. Was just wondering if there was a relatively recent release that had a good reputation for being stable.
Yes, the latest T3ch. (Atlantis Alpha 3)
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