How exactly does one download Aeon Tajo Matrix?
(2020-12-24, 15:48)Asterra Wrote:
(2020-12-24, 15:03)manfeed Wrote: It's not Aeon Tajo Matrix, but Aeon Tajo FOR Matrix, that is the upcoming Kodi version, so you have to install the Matrix version of Kodi (currently in Beta 2) and you'll find it in the Get more list...
I see.  Thanks.

Two semi-related questions, if you have another moment.  1: Are there any advantages to checking Matrix out at this time?  2: Is there a way of forcing Aeon Tajo to render at 4K?  I remember this from the last time I set it up—the actual presentation is 1080p and the upscale to 4K looks pretty dubious, particularly in Shelf 3D with the oblique angles on everything.

1 - If you’re on Windows and if you have a HDR screen it’s the only way to get HDR. Apart from that I’ve found that Matrix it’s quite reliable and makes easier to add additional artwork, to name just a few improvements...

2 - If you set 3840x2160 in screen options in Kodi settings the rendering is quite good, at least in my device. In addition the new version of Aeon Tajo for Matrix gets rid of the oblique angles almost completely, everything looks flat now...
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How exactly does one download Aeon Tajo Matrix?0
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