v19 Question about New, Premier and Live Info Labels
Hi @phunkyfish 
I'm just back on Matrix after a few weeks on Leia, but wanted to check something out quickly with regard to the above info labels mentioned in the title.

My TV programme titles have always been preceded with the word 'New' when the programme is obviously new. Using Matrix, the same thing is happening but is also showing 'New' on the next line down from the programme title which is obviously the info label. 
I wanted to ask if there was any scope within the E2 addon to actually strip out the word 'New' at the beginning of the programme TV title, so that I only get the info label on the next line down showing 'New'? My guide and info screens look a big odd displaying the same thing right underneath each other. I was using NextPvr over the summer with the same guide data and noticed that it was able to strip out this word.

If it's not possible, no worries. Maybe there is a setting on my STB that will allow me to do this or something I could add to the advancedsettings.xml in Kodi. I'm not sure if you can add stuff for PVR items though.
I'm presuming the Premier info label is displayed for season premiers, ie where the guide data is displaying S01E01 or even S02E01? The 'Live' info label probably speaks for itself, 'sport', 'News', 'Concerts'?
It’s actually far simpler than that. As there is no real metadata in E2 it simply looks for Titles starting with new, premiere or live. It’s not really possible to strip this from show titles as then we would mess with auto timers etc. being created in kodi.

Nextpvr is lucky as it pulls much more expressive metadata for its EPG.
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Ahhh, no worries.
I literally just opened the showinfo.xml file before seeing your reply and saw how all these labels are fetched.
I had initially thought that the 'New' label was maybe being picked up from the Season/Episode details.
But I like the additional info.... Smile

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Question about New, Premier and Live Info Labels0
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