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Beta Testflight access to beta version
Few more changes prepared:
1. No blue icons anymore, use gray of same brightness: https://ibb.co/fSh3DQ2
2. No "..." in library view toolbar, if maximum 5 views are supported: https://ibb.co/Nr2qGGj 
3. Updated NowPlaying icon: https://ibb.co/Vv8660R
I was eagerly waiting for your annual easter update, and it seems you’re very close to release Smile
While I like the removal of the blue and the “…”, I really would prefer to see another Now Playing icon than the one you currently intend to use as this reminds me too much of the world’s leading video platform.
Maybe you can get another inspiration from these: thenounproject
(2024-03-15, 23:23)Buschel Wrote: @UlfSchmidt, instead of using a NowPlaying icon at the bottom I am thinking of an icon which represent going back to the desktop aka closing all open panels. This is what the functionally really is about. Some quick and dirty icon ideas I came up with Powerpoint: 

Looks like this:

Should I in this case then also remove NowPlaying from the main menu? Maybe even Remote? Both are available via the bottom toolbar, always.

…and what about these ideas, have you discarded them now?

At least for iPads I would prefer the results of our discussion belonging to your Show Desktop icon over the YouTube icon Wink
True, looks quite like the YT icon. But it is not, this came as a public domain icon. I am open for any other nice looking one. At least this looks a lot better than the current one which represents a playlist and not something related to playback. The options I brought up for iPad I didn‘t really like visually, so I dropped them.
Love the new light theme remote you snuck into the last test flight!


Happy Easter and April Fools. 🙂 Made this awhile back and decided to save it for this very day.
1.15 build 4339
Release Notes

What a ride! The past days @kambala (thanks!) and myself have been continuously reviewing, updating and merging changes. This build now has most of the UI rework I had shared in screen shots or videos or which you already could test in earliy versions. You can see the details in the release notes.

There's more work I have in my backlog, like main menu rework, iPhone globals connection status, avoiding "more item" / "..." where not needed, improve font size scaling, updating icons and more internal refactoring. But this needs more time, and I am sure you will find bugs with current build (I already found one).
Wow big list of changes!

First thing I have noticed is the empty panel that used to hold the power options that are now in the power button.

I’d either make it not possible to reveal this panel or put something there.
You mean the panel which was right of the server list? How did you reach that? I just tested on both simulator and my iPhone and cannot get there anymore.
I get there like you always have been able to. I can drag the entire server list pane or from the edge of the screen to reveal the blank right hand pane.

Should I make a video capture of this?

Edit: Found a bug related to the blurred background. If you partially swipe back to the left hand pane but don’t go through with it and instead stay on the blurred background pane the blurred background shifts down. You can do this over and over shifting it further and further. I’m assuming there shouldn’t be any movement of the blurred background at all.

Note: this is only a problem if you have accessed the now playing screen from the quick button while in one of the libraries and you swipe back from the edge of the left side of the screen. Sliding the whole pane from say the middle of the pane does not exit but this problem.

Edit 2: I finally discovered how to reproduce the glitchy X button in the search bar. Remember how I said it could still be present randomly even if no text was present in the search bar? At the time I thought it was iOS 17 related but now it’s not clear to me.

So here’s how to reproduce:

Go to any library or even global search.

Just type a something even a single character in the search bar to show the X.
Proves it’s working.

Clear it.

Scroll way down the library. I do this with the index. Then change the sort type to something else.

Now type something into the search and then press the X button to clear it. The X will still be present and you are in glitch mode. I have also seen the X button simply not appearing anymore when using the search bar elsewhere after you are in glitch mode.

From my experience the scrolling step is required to trigger the glitch.
I can now reproduce the issue with the empty right pane. Key is that you need to go to NowPlaying or to Remote first. Only then you swipe the Server view to the right. I need to dig into this as this is somewhere hidden inside some Open Source component... -> Fixed.

The second issue I can reproduce and am looking into this now. -> Fixed. This even scaled down the font size on the first swipe attempt.

The third problem I cannot reproduce. Can you share videos for this? Maybe I am missing a certain step.
For 1 I am not surprised we were both puzzled about this. I have the app set to launch into the remote screen by default so I was always in a state where the blank right pane was accessible. 🙂

2: Sounds good. Funny you caught the font scaling issue. I seriously thought I was seeing font size changes but couldn’t put my finger on it.

Speaking of font sizing I feel like I’m noticing areas where there are font size changes like the ip address on the server list.

3: This is a strange one. I feel like sometimes I get into a state where the glyph disappears entirely and other times it stays persistent. I am starting to think there is a race condition going on here.

Here’s the video on it.

Not shown but just noticed this, once I closed out the persistent X glyph by tapping it twice any future entries into the search box failed to reveal the X glyph. It’s gone forever until the app is restarted from a fresh launch.

Edit: Yup I was right. There are other font scaling going on. The IP address text is larger now, a good thing.

But here’s another nasty bug. The font size is drastically reduced in the movie details of a movie. It’s so tiny compared to previous builds. Likely a result of adding the tag line?

Edit 2: Another bug. Very minor visual glitch. Go to TV show library. Go to Added Episodes view. Scroll to the bottom. Navigate to the Files view. The list will slide in and down from the top right. Normally it just slides in from the right hand side. There is no downward motion. This only seems to be a problem in TV shows not movies or music.

Edit 3: This is a more serious bug I just noticed. When scrolling way down in global search using the index and then scrolling up the normal way without the index I get massive stutter. When scrolling down there is no issue.

Edit 4: I swear I’ve reported this before but the search box on iPad is broke again. The box extends off screen to the right. Tapping in the box fixes the size and shows the Clear button.
Just to keep the order I am starting with 1 as the empty right pane again.
  1. Empty right pane -> Fixed
  2. Changing size of blurred image -> Fixed
  3. Searchbar glyph -> Still need to look at this. Few hope I can handle this.
  4. Bigger font IP -> Yes, this was desired.
  5. Smaller font in movie details -> Yes, regression of internal rework for tagline. Fixed it.
  6. Folder view slides in from top right -> Yep, long standing issue. Could fix this now.
  7. Stuttering -> I only saw this when scrolling down too quick to load all thumbs. When then scrolling up these missing thumbs loaded and stuttering was visible. Next attempts did not show this.
  8. Searchbar too wide -> Where exactly do you see this? I quickly went to some panel and this was looking fine.
For 6: This same thing happens in various places on iPad menus as well. If your fix for the TV show related issue will fix all of them I won’t waste my time tracking them all down. If you need a list of spots where this happens I can provide that later. Let me know.

For 8: I see it everywhere there is a search bar on iPad. Global search, Movie Library etc.
8. I see it now as well. Does not happen on my iOS 15.5 simulator (which I sued for checking initially, but only with iOS 17.2. Happens with both old and current XCode.

Edit: I am helpless here. The frame sizes are correct. Since iOS 17 there is also an issue with the scroll indicators which are not visible in tables when I am adding the searchbar to the table header. So there are changes around tables and searchbar which I to my knowledge cannot control or workaround. For now I am not planning to change the whole approach (e.g. placing a search icon somewhere instead of pull down to search).
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