v18 New install. kodi crash on startup after adding nextpvr
Hi,  I am new to kodi and testing it out for the PVR.

I installed nextPVR on linux and it is working fine.
Installed kodi 18.9 on windows 8.1(my htpc) with NextPVr plugin and it is working fine.

But, as soon as I close kodi and restart it, it will then always crash on startup.  I look at the log but I see nothing that jump to my face.  Any helps would be appreciated!

kodi log
I forgot to mention that reinstalling kodi from scratch will always wield the same result.  It will always crash on the next restart after nextPvr got integrated.(yet, it works fine upon nextPVR plugin initial config.  It only crash at the next start)
Can I see the results of a successful log please.   Is it crashing on linux too?

Also by restart do you mean reboot or simply exiting Kodi and restarting it.  What do you have to do to trigger a good start?

Hi, here is a log of a successful start.  I had to reboot windows for it to start correctly.   

By restart, yes, I meant simply exiting kobi and restarting it.

I can't see anything obvious.   Can you got to Settings->System->Logging->Enable component specific logging and turn on verbose logging for libcURL. 

If you prefer could you try Kodi Matrix and install it in Portable mode and see if it has the same issue.

I couldn't try with Matrix.  Somehow the PVR client add-on category isn't there in matrix beta 2...?(someone else posted that problem too in the main forum) But... my HTPC is quite an old win 8.1 install  and has seen many install/unistall of programs(it satrted as a WMC HTPC then I moved to plex when the support and EPG stopped working) So I decided to start fresh with a spare SSD I had around.  I installed a fresh copy of windows 10 and I haven't encountered the problem so far.  So I was able to add nextPVR plugin, the plex integration for media collection and it's working fine so far!

(Note: I did try libreelec on a usb key to see if I should use that one instead, but I require better image correction on live tv then what the linux codec allows it seems.  DXVA and cubic do wonders on windows!)
There is a bit of a confusion right now because of an API change in PVR so you'd need to use a nightly.

Glad to hear you got it sorted out, it didn't look like the addon was having problems.


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New install. kodi crash on startup after adding nextpvr0
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