Storage/Playback audio CD's in MDF/MDS or NRG format
We have a large collection of CD's and DVD's/Blu-Rays. In order to save space, we digitize them by storing them on our Hard-drive in ISO (Image) format and play them using Kodi. Works like a charm for DVD's and Blu-Rays. The MDF/MDS and/or NRG format for audio CD's is a different story. Digitizing is not the problem but using Kodi for playback is. We use the V10 Pro Venz for this purpose. Anyone with good ideas? We tried VLC-Player add-on which does the job for Windows, but does nit give the desired effect for android in cobimation with our V10 Pro Venz.
Anyone with a solution??

Did you manage to find a solution; have a NAS full of Audio in .nrg; looking for a way to access across my network without converting each one!

Two options sofar:
1. Create a DVD video with background image and automatic chapter adding (I use Corel Videostudio) but this is quite worksome as you have to name each indivudial track. It works though.
2. Find the audio player 'PA Player Psycho-acoustic audio player Kodi'. No luck sofar in finding the app and test it.

Am currently testing other options thoroughly and will keep you posted.


In addition to my earlier post:
Create an image of the cd using Nero, at the same time importing/collecting metadata and the tracks will be receive the correspondig title.Then use Corel VideoStudio as described above. It is thus not ncesseary to name each individual track
Ok, this message supersedes my two earlier reactions.
After thorough testing this is the result:
Objective: To create an ISO-image of an audio dvd (DVD-A) which Kodi can handle
Manual part 1/2:
1. Insert the CD in (BLURAY/CD/DVD) player
2. Start Nero Burning Rom (2018)
3. Choose  ‘CD Extra’ -> New (Bottom) ->add files (from the CD) at the same time collecting/importing metadata for identification(cd-title/track listing) purposes.
4. Click the ‘Extra’s’ tab on top of the menu after selecting all files (CTRL-A)
5. Choose ‘Save audio-tracks; a new menu ‘Save audio tracks to hard disk’ with two tabs ‘source’ and ‘outpout’
6. Click on the output tab and choose a path for the target output directory and choose for output method ‘wav’ format.
7. Press ‘copy’ (bottom) and the conversion M3U-> WAV will start

Manual Part 2/2:
1. Open Corel Videostudio (2020) and create the ISO-image by inserting all tracks in the Music track timeline at the bottom of the screen
2. Click the ‘Extra’ Tab  -> Create Disc -> Create DVD
3. Click ‘Next’
4. Don’t add chapters, just click ‘next’
5. Use the Gallery to name it after the CD (Title / artist)
6. Click ‘next’
7. Uncheck the DVD-Video creation checkbox  and check the Disk-image creation checkbox
8. Within moments the ISO-image is completed and you can play it flawlessly on your PC/Laptop or within Kodi.

Bear in mind two things:
a. DONOT use Nero for burning the image as Nero creates an NRG-image file which  Kodi can’t handle.
b. Separate Chapters for music tracks (Manual 2/2 item 4 refers), I skipped deliberately and are thus not visible (yet). I’m working on workaround for this issue and am open for any questions/solutions. Perhaps Adobe Premiere resolves this issue?

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Storage/Playback audio CD's in MDF/MDS or NRG format0
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