Translating your skin at Weblate
Dear skinners.

Kodi is migrated translations from Transifex to Weblate

We encourage all developers with addons in the official Kodi add-on repo to submit their addon for translation at Weblate.

Handling of translations for your skin will become much more simple, as most things are automated.
Weblate will get updated instantly whenever you add or remove a translation from your source en_gb file. 
Translations can be synced to your upstream repo whenever you wish (default is 5 days) either by PR or direct push.
All languages at Weblate will be kept in sync with the en_gb source file.

Summary, description and disclaimer can be automatically synced between addon.xml and language files either by PR or direct push whenever changes are made.

This is a completely new system, so if you experience any bugs or things that don't work, please let us know.
Soon we will create wiki pages with guides and tips on how to best use the system.

Send me a PM or reply in this thread with the following info:
  • URL to your repo at Github/Gitlab
  • Branch
  • Would you like PR's or direct pushes from Weblate? (PR's are safest, direct pushes are easiest)
  • How often would you like PR's/direct pushes? Default is 5 days, but it's totally up to you.
  • Do you want a version bump in addon.xml?

For your source en_gb file to get synced with Weblate, you need to add this webhook to your repo for the push event:

If direct pushes are wanted, you need to add Github user "weblate" as collaborator.
This user will automatically accept any collaboration within 5 minutes.
If PR's are the preferred method, Weblate will push to the same PR until merged or closed.

Skins added to Weblate:
  • skin.aeon.tajo
  • skin.amber
  • skin.confluence
  • skin.estouchy
  • skin.estuary
  • skin.rapier
A forum user wants to help translating Aeon Tajo into German, can he do it signing up in Weblate? Thanks!
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(2021-02-06, 16:13)manfeed Wrote: A forum user wants to help translating Aeon Tajo into German, can he do it signing up in Weblate? Thanks!

We haven't officially opened up for users yet.
Syncs are still being done from Transifex. If we open up for users at Weblate, translations will conflict with the work being done at Transifex.

Transifex will remain open for a while, until we fully switch to Weblate.
When we do that, we will open everything up for users.

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Translating your skin at Weblate0
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