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Change of audio, subtitles etc in video
Ok I am quite sure I'm missing something here, but how do I get the menu where I can choose audio track, subtitles, bookmarks and so on while playing a movie?

I am using a MCE remote and when using PMIII for example I just press MENU on the remote. I have tried every button on the remote but to no avail.

Errr, I just went back to PMIII to check and it doesn't work there either now. Seems it has to do with the latest SVN somehow (it worked before I compiled a new version today).
This is on Linux by the way.
Check what's going on in LircMap.xml - the Menu map there seems wrong to me (as I understand it shouldn't it be <menu>menu</menu>, as you're mapping to xbox remote buttons?)

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Yeah I did check it. It hasn't changed for 5 weeks in SVN however and the entries look alright to me (at least if I compare them to what worked before). Unfortunately I deleted the old installation, but I am pretty sure the Lircmap.xml hasn't changed (SVN says it's even 5 weeks old, the previous version I used was much newer than that).
Ok I found the issue. I have no idea why, but it must be LIRC itself that has been changed somehow (I updated Ubuntu with all the latest updates and I believe an update to LIRC was amongst the updates).

If I change




it works as before. I noticed the menu button was registering with name 'DVD' when using irw to check the remote commands.
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Change of audio, subtitles etc in video00