My Raspberry Pi2 continues to freeze randomly... how i can understand how append ?
On my Raspberry Pi2 whit installed latest and current build of OSMC i have this trouble:
On a Pendrive attached to an USB Port i have put some NES and GB roms. I have attach a XBOX 360 wired controller to another port and i have tryed to play some games. Apparently all works flawlessy whitout any issue but sometimes and totally randomly whitout any message or similar errors appears on my TV i see my Pi2 goes in totally FREEZE SCREEN and i need to turn off manually removing the power source because at this point my Pi2 becomes unreachable in any (NO PING... NO RESPONSE from Remote etc etc.).

When i reboot my Pi2 i have tryed every time to look on kodi.log.old but apparently there's no info or symptoms of what caused the FREEZE..... for example look at here:

The strange thing is that maybe sometimes I can play for hours and hours whit one games............... exit from this load another games and after some minutes FREEZE. Other time i can change several games whitout any issue............ for example look the timeline of this log, this morning i obtain TWO FREEZE in about two hours.

How i can understand where's the problems ?
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Please do not plaster log snippets or files directly onto our forum. We very much prefer the use of pastebin services for that.
Also, partial log files usually have no info basics which can be very helpful. So always provide a full debug log in case of troubleshooting, despite what your signature text says. Smile
It's impossible to obtain a full debug because this issue it's not reproducible and it's totally randomly........... I said that in the "normal" log there doesn't seem to be any useful information to understand the problem.....

I thinks i can try..... if i activate the debug before using the emulators could it be ok for try to understand a little ?
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An RPi2 is also still a bit susceptible to SDcard corruption.

Why not try a different/new SDcard, and try a default OS installation (no bells or whistles) just to pinpoint whatever can be the problem. Install add-ons "one by one" wherever possible, and see what happens each time.
mmmmmmmm... my idea it's try to buy a newest sd and try to install retropie and see if the same issue it's appears also on a os dedicated to emulation.

This things it's for exclude buit in emulator contain bugs or somethigs similar can create this issue.

I recently i have also bought a new power supply... i have buy an official raspberry power source for a pi4 and using it whit and adaptator from type c to miniusb because I thought it could be a problem of poor power source.

When you speak about default os.... you thinks osmc it's ok ?
...only on your "little world" can you lay down the law...

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My Raspberry Pi2 continues to freeze randomly... how i can understand how append ?0
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