iOS KDR: 1.6 - XBMC JSON-RPC Error
(2021-05-17, 13:40)DaveBlake Wrote: @ntropy it sounds like you are having an issue with MySQL and not with the remote app. The app uses JSON, and that results in access to the db.  I don't know if it is the same issue as discussed in #293 or not, but whatever it does not really belong here under the remote thread.

If you have not been able to get things working from what you have read then please generate a Kodi debug log with component logging for JSON turned on while using the remote, and start a thread on the music support subforum with link to that log and to a MySQL error log too if you know where to find that on your server.
I had eight forum tabs open over the weekend trying to find the solution.  Doubled sort_buffer_size in my.cnf from 4M to 8 to 16 to 32, restarting mariadb each time but still encountering this error on the album tab in iOS.   (Someone posted that they fixed it going to 10M, but their issue wasn't about the iOS app.)   Maybe 2745 is too many albums for iOS with the v19 update?   I'll close the eight tabs for now since my weekend window for troubleshooting this has come to an end.   I'll resume Saturday.
(2021-05-25, 16:16)ntropy Wrote: Maybe 2745 is too many albums for iOS with the v19 update?
I still do not believe this issue is with the App. The error message you see points to an internal error of the Kodi server which cannot process the App´s JSON request. The requested data does not even reach the App. You could test to send the same JSON request to Kodi server via command line and see if the same error occurs.

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KDR: 1.6 - XBMC JSON-RPC Error0
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