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Orange TV France

Following that request (and my personal needs!), I'm happy to share a first working draft of an addon able to retrieve video streams from Orange directly! It allows Orange customers to watch within Kodi all the TNT channels plus the other free channels, like MTV, CNN, etc. and your paid channels. This addon runs on Kodi 19 and has been tested on Windows. Code is accessible on GitHub.

Download and install the ZIP archive directly in Kodi. Then, you can choose from the settings you preferred integration:
- IPTV Manager: everything is handled automatically after activation
- Basic: simply pass the embedded .m3u and .xml files from the data folder to IPTV Simple

- This addon does not provide catchup TV services, for that you can have a look at the great Catch-up TV & More
- Work only from the listed areas (for now metropolitan France, French Caribbean, and Reunion island)
- Limited to 720p due to Orange limitations
Orange TV France

En réponse à cette discussion (et pour mes besoins personnels !), je partage ce premier brouillon d'un addon capable de récupérer les flux TV depuis Orange directement ! Il permet aux clients Orange de regarder depuis Kodi les chaînes de la TNT ainsi que les autres chaînes gratuites incluses dans leur abonnement, comme MTV, CNN, etc. et leurs chaînes payantes. Cet addon supporte Kodi 19 et a été testé sous Windows. Le code est accessible sur GitHub.

Téléchargez l'archive ZIP et installez-la directement depuis Kodi. Ensuite, vous pouvez choisir l'intégration que vous préférez :
- IPTV Manager : tout se fait automatiquement après activation
- Basique : passez simplement les fichiers .m3u et .xml inclus dans le dossier data du plugin à IPTV Simple.

- Cet addon ne propose pas de replay, pour cela vous pouvez utiliser le très bon Catch up TV & More
- Ne fonctionne que depuis les zones listées (pour le moment France métropolitaine, Caraïbes Françaises et la Réunion)
- Qualité vidéo limitée à 720p en raison des limitations techniques d'Orange

I currently can't write you a PM as i'm new, i am volunteer for helping on this project, can you contact me?

Edit: thanks @DarrenHill !
@alligator I've sent a PM Wink
@BreizhReloaded - A PM which he also wouldn't be able to read, for the same reason as to why he couldn't send them...

As it's clearly a situation where communication would be needed, I've enabled his PM privs.
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Ahah, ok. Thanks for the unlock then @DarrenHill!
EPG data load from Orange API works now! It has to be manually triggered for the moment. I just need to find a nice way to trigger that on a regular basis (can the addon also be a service?) and I'll start the IPTV Manager integration.
By the way @DarrenHill, what's the process to publish the addon on the main repository?
EPG data and channels list are now reloaded on startup and every hour, I'll add a setting to customise that. So users can now only rely on the M3U list and the XMVTV file located within the addon directory.

The addon was also updated to Kodi 19. IPTV Manager and InputStream Helper (thanks @alligator for the tip) integrations are now on the way!

Edit: one more good news: in the last iOS app release, the changelog mentions the ability to set up subtitles and audio languages. Stay tuned.
And we're good with the IPTV Manager integration, I'm switching to release status! It's going to be mainly silent updates from now on.
Windows 10 x64 | Kodi 19 | Developer of Orange TV addon
Great news to hear from somebody interested in Orange TV integration!

It seems you've done a hard work, so first of all thank you very much.

And now, my questions:

1. How does it work regarding user validation? I mean, I've seen nowhere to enter my Orange TV user credentials.

2. Any chance to use it from Spain and with Spanish Orange TV? I'd be willing to help to port this development to Spanish localization, but unfortunately I'm not a Python export (neither a newbye), I only know something about Perl and PHP...

Anyway, thanks a million!
Good evening @vichman!

I'm glad you like the addon. There is indeed no user authentication: as soon as your Kodi device is connected to the internet via Orange, you get automatically access to those servers and APIs, at least in France. As an Orange customer, you can also access to the web TV service from an other provider using your credentials, but that's not implemented so far.

About Orange España, for sure the addon can't work as it as it uses .fr URLs. That said, if there is a web TV service available, then we can work out something. The job is mainly about retro-engineering, I monitored the calls performed by my browser in order to find out the ones I needed the implement that into Kodi: list of channels, program guide, stream type and location, etc. Once isolated, it's not that complicated to convert this information into the JSON data format as defined in IPTV Manager. In my case, the logic is located in Even if you don't know Python, you should be able to read that piece of code.

Feel free to ask any question!
Windows 10 x64 | Kodi 19 | Developer of Orange TV addon
Great! You've given me all the clues. Now I know what can I do to further research on this issue. I'll try to implement a solution for Orange TV Spain in the next days and come back to you with my results.

Your help is been much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
Perfect, thank you too, can't wait to hear about your results!

I'm currently working on adding an other French provider called SFR, so there will soon be a mechanism to allow the provider selection by the user.
Windows 10 x64 | Kodi 19 | Developer of Orange TV addon
Any news @vichman?
Windows 10 x64 | Kodi 19 | Developer of Orange TV addon

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