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MediaStream v0.87 Released
Well the T3CH release is about to go live with the latest version of MediaStream and that version is also now available from

Since the last release we've made the following changes
  • Added: Toast dialog
  • Added: Option to see fanart when browsing TV Shows list (not really advisable on Xbox)
  • Added: DVD menu button to Video OSD
  • Added: File path to video info dialogs
  • Added: Option to hide plot in Video OSD
  • Added: German translation (thanks to tjost)
  • Fixed: Changed ordering of menu items on home and removed the option to hide Weather menu item so as to avoid any more flashing background issues
  • Fixed: Clock display so it should work for all time formats
  • Fixed: Title on Select and Network Setup dialogs
  • Fixed: No Thumb label on focused thumb in Media Preview view
  • Fixed: Positioning of Categories selector on Settings screens
  • Updated: Now Playing UI on home no longer overlaps the blade when the blade is sitting to the left
  • Updated: Tidied up the weather on the home screen
  • Updated: Moved position of volume/mute icons so that they are not covered up by dialogs etc
  • Updated: Renamed Sounds.xml to sounds.xml to work on case sensitive O/S's

As usual, we appreciate any feedback you can give us
Yay, no more flashes for me and the weather looks great on the home screen.

Is it possible to decrease the artist font size in VS? Not even Britney fits without scrolling Wink

Maybe also VS settings needs a little bit more space Smile
Should be

tsint Wrote:

Is it possible to decrease the artist font size in VS? Not even Britney fits without scrolling Wink

Maybe also VS settings needs a little bit more space Smile
this is a great skin!!!!, but one thing i notice at times the background images in the main menu start to cut out before the skin crashes. other then that i love the skin!!!!!!
Till All Are One!!!!!
Anyone else using this version have "Show Weather" ticked and is it not showing? Mine isnt for some reason. Fresh install BTW.
Thanks for the TV fanart update.

Unfortunately it's a bit broken on my Linux XBMC (Ubuntu, using latest versions from PPA).

The transition to and from "No fanart" (i.e. the default background) to a fanart show is as smooth as can be. The transition between two shows with fanart however is jerky with no blending, and sometimes even flicks up the "Configure your System" background between the two backgrounds for some reason.

Any ideas to fix this? Or is it a bug?
i am experiencing the same thing as UND3RACHI3V3R, but if i select weather and refresh, its all good again... but i find myself having to do this each and every time i load up the skin (which is amazing by the way)..this didnt happen with version 0.85.

i will try and post a log when i get in from work.

Thanks to all at team Razorfish for this great skin, just when you think it cannot get any better, it does!
Try removing all instances of MediaStream from the guisettings.xml.
What's this 'Wallstream' view option meant to be only all it does for me is select 'List'?
Wall Stream view is still under development so you won't actually be able to select it at the moment. Should (hopefully) be in the next version though
This is an excellent release! All of my issues have cleared up. Thanks for all of your hard work on this great skin.
When listening to music, i can seem to get the menu where the controls used to be, neigther the lyrics button, anybody experiencing this?
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I think the lyrics script changed recently - hopefully Manturafs is looking into fixing this for the next release.
Can the normal text font be made bigger using the "skin fonts" = bigger option I tried selecting the option under settings->Appearence->Skin Fonts->Bigger, but they just stay the same.

I selected the bigger clock & it looks to be about the right size.

If I could read the text, this would be perfect!!

I apreciate the hard work & effort this must have taken.
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