Ember deleting .actors Directory Junction and contents of common .actors folder
Finally decided to try a newer version of Ember and I'm running into an issue.  Not sure if this is a bug, a setting I'm missing, or if it's just not working the way I'd like it to.

I have the .actors folder in each movie folder set up as a directory junction (symbolic link, symlink) to a common .actors folder.    This worked fine with Ember Media Manager v1.2, but with version 1.9.2 it deletes the content of the common .actors folder, deletes the junction and then creates a .actors folder under the movie.

The directory junctions are created using a batch file, but essentially the command ran against each movie folder is "mklink /J /movies/movieXYZ/.actors /.actors"

My guess is that Ember is first deleting the contents of the actor folder, falsely determining the folder doesn't exist and creating a new one, and then downloading the new actors.   I tried checking the "keep existing" options on the "Actor Thumbs" image scraper, but that didn't seem to make any difference.

Is there simple solution for this that I'm overlooking?

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Ember deleting .actors Directory Junction and contents of common .actors folder0
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