Disabled Addons notification before installation.
We all (all users of Kodi) sincerely appreciate all the work that goes into developing, maintaining and updating this incredible program and platform.  Many of us, however, depend on numerous 3rd party addons and features to get our Kodi UI just the way we want it.  I realize that as this version progresses, most (if not all) of the addons that I depend on to create my unique Kodi experience will be updated to be compatible with version 19 official release; however, I was somewhat dismayed by the number of addons that were disabled when I installed v.19 and will be reverting to v.18.9 until the addons are updated.

May I suggest that you include a listing of the addons that are going to be disabled before the user commits to the upgrade and give them the option of aborting the upgrade until they are satisfied that their desired addons will be upgraded as well.  Thank you for considering my request.  Keep up the brilliant work! Smile
(2021-02-23, 19:06)rappleby28 Wrote: Many of us, however, depend on numerous 3rd party addons and features
Depending on 3rd party add-ons and features is risky, depending on one author to maintain support for 10 yrs+ is a big ask. I suggest if the add-on is so important to your Kodi installation, to the point that it's a 'must', then stick with what your have, entertain 'portable mode' which will allow for multiple installs. Alternatively, you could encourage support of the add-on with the author explaining your predicament, or even take up the challenge and fork the open source code yourself. 
(2021-02-23, 19:06)rappleby28 Wrote: I suggest that you include a listing of the addons that are going to be disabled
I think we have already done that, with the suggestion that add-ons must utilize python 3+ and any reliance on python 2 would be depreciated. Globally there's like thousands of add-ons, and it would be a gargantuan task to monitor/police a list that would be relevant. Should you feel one specific add-on 'adds' so much value to Kodi, then by all means post in the 'feature request forum', if there's enough interest, some kind coder might take up your plea, if the add-on has a forum here, then a post directed at that 3rd party add-on might elicit some response.

It's not Team Kodi's responsibility to maintain 3rd party add-ons, nor ensure it's functionality and support.
It may also be worth pointing out that we first stated that we would be moving from Python 2 to Python 3 something like 3 years ago, and that Python 2 officially was retired and no longer supported by its authors at the end of last year. So there has been a good chunk of time for everyone to make preparations for the switchover.

Of course some addons are no longer supported by their authors, and some may need a lot of work and also to accomodate some of the other changes that were made between Leia and Matrix. But we have had alpha, beta and RC versions around for months now, and nightlies well before that. So all of this shouldn't have come as a surprise to them.

If popular addons are no longer supported and at risk of dying off then perhaps others may step in, fork them and upgrade them, but all of this is reliant on the community of Kodi users and addon authors.
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It can be useful if it's an addon you use and are familiar with.  I've updated a few addons to python3 and Kodi 19, but if you don't use an addon yourself and aren't the author it can be difficult if users are having problems with how it runs.

scott s.
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