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Hey, real quick sorry for bothering but there is a bug on android devices. Whenever you go to your history or like music, it shows an error and idk how to fix it sadly.
Probelm running on android errors every step of the way any suggestions?
(2021-11-12, 22:18)kobyboy Wrote: Probelm running on android errors every step of the way any suggestions?

Hey so not sure either tbh, I do want it to work with android tho. Hopefully @foreverguest is still working on it.
Hey @foreverguest

Sorry for bothering you but will there be an update to youtube music coming soon? I really love your addon and I followed your project on github. This addon is amazing and i would really love to make this my music addon for kodi. Its way better then other music addons even spotify and its a great alternative. I hope someday this addon could be updated soon.

Thank you
Hey @foreverguest I gave a you a small donation and i hope this will help you out, anyway have a great year and hope you continue this addon in the future.
Hi. thank for making this.

I am having problems using it with my Youtube Music account. It keeps on giving me "No track can be found" even though I do have some albums and playlists saved in my account.

Here's the log file

hababoketu.kodi (paste)

Thank you.
Hey there @sven86 , Sorry i could not reply but the Experimental Youtube Music Addon is kinda deprecated at the moment cause foreverguest has not update his add-on but i made a github page and need help maintaining this add-on in the future. This Download Link has a little bit of code changed so if you follow the steps and everything, this addon should be able to work for you.

Here is the latest download: https://github.com/Goldenfreddy0703/plug...s/main.zip
Hi Sven86, hope all is well with Foreverquest. Foreverquest made a great addon (GPM and YTM) worth maintaining to many I guess. Thank you for giving it a shot. I will certainly keep an eye out!
Hey guys, if you guys are planning on Maintaining this addon. I made a github link for it so if you guys want to make changes to this addon. I will give read and write access to anyone who wants to help maintain it.


All the information is in this project and all credit and donations will be going to Foreverguest.
I would like to do something similar. I want to be able to access my Library at Youtube-Music paid account through 3rd party plugins or programs. Is this legal according to their terms and conditions?
Honestly im not sure tbh but I think it's legal because there are other clients of youtube and google allows us to use there youtube api and it helps alot of developers with there apps and stuff. Smart tube, vanced, new pipe, ect are clients developers made in the past. Sure youtube music does not have an api but thankfully, developers made an Unofficial API for YouTube Music on github.
thanks. I have also found this:


I am afraid everybody has an opinion but nobody speaks legally.
I cant see anything when i filter for "browse" or "/browse" . Without the quotes obviously.
(2021-04-13, 13:31)ray2301 Wrote: - Open a new empty tab in chrome/edge
- press F12 so the console opens
- now go to music.youtube.com
-  in the console you opened with F12, go to "network"
- filter the search for "/browse" there (without the quotes) - you'll se the "filter" search box in the network tab
- now you will see your ctoken, it will be the only result of the search - click on it
- copy the "cookie: " part (without the "cookie: ")
- below the cookie part, you can see "x-goog-visitor-id:
- copy the part after "x-goog-visitor-id: "
Hey there @extremeaudio 

Reason why you can't see anything when you filter for "browse" or "/browse" is because once you enter them in, you have to refresh the page in order to get the cookie and all. 

plugin.audio.ytmusic.exp-1.0~beta5 has just gotten released today on github which updated ytmusicapi and pytube.
Here is the link to my github: https://github.com/Goldenfreddy0703/plug...tmusic.exp
Thank you Goldenfreddy0703! For both tech and moral support. Smile

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