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(2021-02-25, 03:01)djhifi Wrote: Any plans on migrating this to Kodi v19? Its already out


Disregard the question above. I've switched skins to Aeon Nox: SiLVO

It was great while it lasted, but I found something that pleases me more, with feature-rich functions and with support from the community and developer.
Unfortunately, at this point in time I consider Bello to be closer to abandonware than actually a newer version Sad

Thanks for your work Nessus, used Bello for a couple of years until today and loved it.

Time has come to move on.


Reading the above message from @djhifi (by the way... what's the point of posting it twice??!!), i think is better to clarify some thing about Bello in a separate message for all and not as individual answer.

First of all, @djhifi Bello Nero its a mod from the original Bello and i have no idea if is abandoned or not and i never offered any support of it or to any other mod.

Bello its not abandoned. Bello 7 release is for Kodi Leia and Bello 8 for Matrix will be available soon.

I have done this clarification many times in the past but let me do it one more time. Since the beginning of the first version of Bello, the main reason of creating this skin was to have a skin that like for using with my favorite Home Theater Software (XBMC at that time!) and then i just thought that it will be a nice give back to Kodi to share it with the community. Users inb this community that follow Bello since the early days they are remember that this skin never got through WIP long time process (Beta, Alpha etc). It was offered as a ready-to-use skin for testing and some suggestions for a short period of time and the was added to the official repo. And that was the reason for that. This skin was never a skin created by the needs and requests of this community...

Quoting from the README file in the QA section...
Quote:Q: Can you add the X or Y feature ?
A: Mostly...not. As much as i hope people will enjoy using Bello 7, development is also driven by my own preferences. Apart from that, i just have no motivation to add features i wouldn't ever use myself and most importantly, my free time these days is very limited and it's unlikely to find more time besides some bug fixing.

As for the luck of support...
Quote:Q: It's been days that a i've posted a question/request/suggestion in the forum and still i don't have any answer. Are you ignoring me ?
A: Maybe yes, maybe not. Usually i'm pretty busy with other stuff outside of Kodi so any help or explanations they might be delay. So if you couldn't get any help from other users please be patient!. Also any requests or suggestions whom i don't agree or like will be ignored. Sorry guys, but i don't have the time to answer no & why to all of these stuff.
... with an exception for my loyalty group of donors who support Bello for a long time now.

I think i have made clear enough where this skin stands for. Its mine, its offered for free and under these rules. Read the README file first before you use it.

If anyone it's not satisfied with my logic then don't use it. It's as simple as that.


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