Best way to get metadata that actually appears when running Kodi?

I am using Kodi 18.9 for my personal Movie collection. When I run it sometimes the media images appear and sometimes they don't?

I have been using Media Center Mater to scrape for metadata which includes the images displayed for each movie and TV Show.

But even if there seems to be the necessary images in the movie folders they don't always get displayed in Kodi?

Someone on YouTube is recommending Tiny Media Manager. I am just starting to try this option. Not sure what it does yet.

Does anyone here know a best way to get the media images to coordinate with Kodi so that they display when running Kodi?

Is there a best plugin for Kodi to get this done?


John Z

So many people think that Kodi does not work unless you are using some 3rd party media manager. This is not true.

If you want to scrape your media into the library, then let Kodi scrape it using the Kodi scrapers. See...

I can start off looking at your problem if you provide the following:

1. Screenshot of one of your movie folders so I can clearly see your artwork, movie file and anything else in there.
2. Post one of your nfo files from Media Center Mater and I can check if it is Kodi compatible. Post the contents to Kodi Paste Site
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Best way to get metadata that actually appears when running Kodi?0
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