Stop auto EPG update upon Kodi start up...
As requested over on the NPVR threads, I am posting here re the above issue. Problem I have is that every time Kodi starts it performs an auto EPG sync/load with NPVR. How can I stop this from happening and only have an update in the small hours when I am alseep? I was advised to look at the advancedsettings.xml wiki, however unless I am misunderstanding there doesn't seem to be anything here to support a specific EPG update time.

Settings for PVR and EPG seem to cover interval between EPG updates. There is nothing covering setting a time directly, or stopping an auto update when powering up Kodi...
I asked you to post on the Kodi sub forum on the NextPVR forum not on the Kodi forum, and yet you also followed up with more information on the NextPVR forum.  This is absolutely the last double post from you that I respond to.

There are two issues really first you need to prune your list as I suggested on the NextPVR forum, 9000 channels is ridiculous.

The other issue I see is that you have far too many channel with no guide data that are mapped to an XMLTV source and not None.  The addon has a mechanism to not request backend data when it knows the backend has no data.

The setting you want in advancedsettings.xml is this one <updateemptytagsinterval>  Basically you have so many channels it will loop asking for data that is not there.


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Stop auto EPG update upon Kodi start up...0
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