Solved Where to Find your Movies and TV Shows' theme.mp3 for Aeon Tajo
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Life can get really boring when browsing your KODI library of "How It's Made" with 32 seasons and each season with over 10 episodes. Also, you can not just fly over Smallville's 10 seasons and over 20 episodes either, unless of course you are Kal-El's cousin. To find that one episode you have already forgotten or the one you loved so much to re-watch you need super-strength to fight boredom of browsing your supermassive library. At times like this, you need something to cheer you up until you find that one episode you are looking for and there is nothing better to cheer you than a theme song of the TV show you are browsing. 

We know Aeon Tajo can play theme songs for your TV shows and movies (thanks a zillion times @manfeed ). I personally find it better with TV shows than movies. Challenge is where to find the mp3 theme songs since there is no scraper.

I found a solution to this challenge on this nice website; Just search for your show or movie and kaboom!, you get your theme song in mp3 format. 

The site is not exhaustive of all shows and movies but the database is huge especially for popular shows. Unfortunately for Trekkies, all you get for any of the Star Trek shows is a robotic voice that sounds like Stephen Hawking, telling you that they were asked to remove the song.

If you found other sites to download mp3 theme songs (with no copyright issues of course) you can post them here so that we can all make each others life a little bit easier during this difficult times.

Away with the jibber-jabber, here is where do download mp3 theme songs;
  1. (shows and movies)
  2. Trekcore (Star Trek TOS)
  3. Internet Archive (old shows)
  4. Deezer (The audio quality is great. You need Deezer subscription with ability to download audio.)
Update 13th Mar 2024. Trekcore link is broken. It seems like the site owners removed the theme songs, the rest of the site works but no more theme songs. Just more reasons to always physically/digitally own your media.
Life is short, I don't have time for squabbles. Lets be friends, lets enjoy Kodi :)

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Where to Find your Movies and TV Shows' theme.mp3 for Aeon Tajo0
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