A skin concept for our gruesome side.

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I am a huge fan of the Sweeney Todd movie. It is probably my favorite. I was looking at the case and I love the design of the cardboard sleeve that comes with the 2 disc collectors edition DVD and thought it would make a cool skin. I made a few mock ups in good old MS Paint cause it's quick and easy so sorry for the quality of them.

Basic border idea. Backgrounds would be customizable.
[Image: concept01.jpg]

Icon system. Only one on the screen at a time to keep it simple and clean. Icons would fade in and out so there isn't a sliding animation.
[Image: concept02.jpg]

Options for smaller Home icons. Also the option to remove Home icon labels.
[Image: concept05.jpg]
[Image: concept06.jpg]

Options to display/remove a clock or CPU/GPU temperature.
[Image: concept07.jpg]
[Image: concept08.jpg]

I think I could really run with sounds for it. For the cursor sound I could use like a swiping or 'chiming' of his razors. For the start up I could use a scream or something. Or for a selection I could use the sound when his victims heads hit the floor after being dumped from his chair. So gross.

I've never made a skin before so if anyone wants to give me a hand with coding it, I would really appreciate it. Just shoot me a PM or something. Thanks for your time.
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