A skin concept for our gruesome side.
I am a huge fan of the Sweeney Todd movie. It is probably my favorite. I was looking at the case and I love the design of the cardboard sleeve that comes with the 2 disc collectors edition DVD and thought it would make a cool skin. I made a few mock ups in good old MS Paint cause it's quick and easy so sorry for the quality of them.

Basic border idea. Backgrounds would be customizable.

Icon system. Only one on the screen at a time to keep it simple and clean. Icons would fade in and out so there isn't a sliding animation.

Options for smaller Home icons. Also the option to remove Home icon labels.

Options to display/remove a clock or CPU/GPU temperature.

I think I could really run with sounds for it. For the cursor sound I could use like a swiping or 'chiming' of his razors. For the start up I could use a scream or something. Or for a selection I could use the sound when his victims heads hit the floor after being dumped from his chair. So gross.

I've never made a skin before so if anyone wants to give me a hand with coding it, I would really appreciate it. Just shoot me a PM or something. Thanks for your time.
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A skin concept for our gruesome side.00