Ignore 'a', 'an', 'the', etc. at end of titles when scraping?
The way I organize my movie and TV show folders, when a title begins with 'a', 'an', 'the', or the like, I will move that to the end of the folder name, so that it sorts properly. For instance, "An American In Paris" becomes "American In Paris, An"; and "The Trouble With Harry" folder would be named "Trouble With Harry, The".

But Ember doesn't particularly like this, and most of the time I have to manually remove the trailing articles when scraping, or it can't find the title. When scraping multiple titles at once, this of course becomes a bigger problem.

So what I'm wondering is if there's a way to tell it to ignore strings like ", The", ", An", and ", A" in folder names when scraping. I was playing around with the Sort Tokens To Ignore setting, but couldn't make that work.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
It's exactly that function. The "title" won't be changed but a "ListTitle" will be created and used in the main list to sort. You also can use "ListTitle" in the renamer for directory and file names.
Cool. Can you give me an example of how to do that, using one of the titles I referenced above?

Edit: Reading over your reply again, it seems like perhaps my query was misunderstood. I know the Sort Tokens To Ignore setting ignores articles such as "the" at the beginning of title names. My folders, however, have those articles at the end of the title names.

I do not wish to rename my folders, because I named them that way for a reason, and I access them with applications and methods other than Ember, so it's important to me that they stay sorted the way they are.

To clarify, this is how my folders look (and how I want them to look) when I have movie titles that begin with an article:


But when scraping the movies from those folders, Ember MM doesn't recognize the title because of the trailing comma, space, and article — ", the", for instance — I have to delete that part for it to locate the movie. So I was hoping for a method to have Ember ignore those at the end of my folders/titles. If this is possible, and anyone can show me the steps, I'd be most grateful.

Oh, ok, also not a problem. The initial title will be filtered out of the folder or file name (depends on your source settings "get name from folder") by filters and can be modified to remove the tokens at the end. Under Settings => Movies => General => Folder-/File Name Filters are a lot of Regex filters that will be used to clean the folder/file name. How it works: if a filter matches a part of the name the matching part will be removed to get a clean title. You can add one regex to remove all characters after a comma or multiple regex for each case to get shure that a title with a comma in the middle of a title will not be shorten:

will remove all after a comma including the comma

(?i), the.*
(?i), a.*
first will remove ", the" and all following characters
first will remove ", a" and all following characters

(?i) means case insensitive

You may have to reload the films (F5) after you have added the filter. I'm not sure anymore whether Ember will reload the existing ones after adding new filters.

https://regex101.com/ is also a good tool to test Regex.
Outstanding – it worked! Thanks so much, Dan, both for the info and the quick replies to my post. You rock. Cool

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Ignore 'a', 'an', 'the', etc. at end of titles when scraping?0
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