Slow and unresponsive menu on Kodi Matrix
(2021-05-21, 19:56)PatK Wrote: @olympus

Suggest stable release of Kodi v19.1 (Matrix) is available and circumvents 2021-Jan-15 release candidates.
Thank you for your reply.
I posted 2 debug logs, the second debug log is for 19.1, I posted that it's from RC1 by mistake. I am sorry about that.
I will create a new thread tomorrow and I will also post videos that show the difference of 19 beta 2 and 19.1.
(2021-05-21, 22:22)olympus Wrote: I will create a new thread tomorrow

Just continue to post here. A new thread isn't gonna help you differently.
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(2021-05-21, 22:27)Klojum Wrote: Just continue to post here. A new thread isn't gonna help you differently.

Thank you, these are new logs of beta 2 and 19.1
This happens only on my old windows htpc with ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics, my new windows machines work fine with all matrix builds.
As you can see in the videos, the navigation I am doing in beta 2 takes 10 seconds and it needs 20 seconds to do the same navigation in 19.1.


(2021-05-22, 12:36)olympus Wrote:
(2021-05-21, 22:27)Klojum Wrote: Just continue to post here. A new thread isn't gonna help you differently.

Hi, new to the forums, so please let me know if I'm slipping up on any guidelines.

I have the same issue as olympus.  Used Kodi for many years without any real issue, mainly for local movies and PVR.

I have 4 laptops that run Kodi as dedicated TV boxes, they are all older laptops, say 8 to 10 years old.  Each has been upgraded with 4GB RAM and SSD, they run Windows 10 and Kodi perfectly, well they all did until I installed v19 or v19.1.  Tracing back as Olympus has done it comes down to a difference between v19 beta 2 and v19 RC1.

I have tried 3 different laptops, all have exactly the same result, menus on beta 2 (and anything before it back to v17) are all fine, everything after beta 2 (RC1, RC2, v19 and v19.1) are all very slow on the menu system.  Video playback is fine, overlays, subtitles, TV recording, PVR playback are all absolutely fine @1080p.  Even the video overlay for the playback and pause/rewind etc is absolutely fine, but as soon as you open up a more full menu system, say the guide in TV, then the menu and the entire Kodi interface hits about 4fps, the mouse, background video etc are all affected by the same drop in FPS.  This is visible in all menus, including the home menu, when the mouse is horribly laggy, with no video or anything playing.  Also visible in the pictures screen saver when the pictures jump across the screen at 3 or 4 FPS.  Back in 19Beta2 the screen saver, menus etc are smooth and fluid as expected.

Have tried a blank Kodi install, even a blank Windows 10 install, all basically the same.  I don't think it's a CPU or GPU problem as the CPU is running at about 5% when this happens, it's not flatlining any of the 4 cores at all, also these laptops may be old, but they still outperform most android TV boxes by a healthy margin.  Can post logs, fresh installs etc or whatever anyone would like to investigate.

Any help you can give would be great, really don't want to go back to 18 and Beta2 doesn't support PVR plugins Sad


@RichardRamshaw please post a Debug Log . If you have several machines thats are affected post a Debug Log from every machine.
"Me too" posts are not useful for debugging.
Different logs from different machines affected by this issue may help a developer to narrow down a common denominator for this issue, eg: gpu model/generation, windows version, etc.

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