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Not sure which thread to post in so feel free to move if needed.

@sualfred @pkscout @roni (not sure if you are the correct developers or if you can pass this on) 

Using v20, I get two addon pop-up errors re: Embuary Helper and Artist Slideshow.  Also, the Kodi log file updater is not compatible yet either.  Thought perhaps you could have a look.  Thank you.


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(2021-04-07, 19:56)brazen1 Wrote: Not sure which thread to post in so feel free to move if needed.

FYI, there is now a v20 prefix available for forum threads.
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AS is still using xbmc.translatePath, and that was depreciated for Kodi 19 and removed in Kodi 20.  I thought I had gotten all those updated for Matrix, but I guess I missed the ones in AS. To get it working in Kodi 20 for now, you can edit resources/lib/kodisettings.py and change lines 3 to 13 to read:

from kodi_six import xbmc, xbmcaddon, xbmcvfs

ADDON         = xbmcaddon.Addon()
ADDONNAME     = ADDON.getAddonInfo('id')
ADDONLONGNAME = ADDON.getAddonInfo('name')
ADDONVERSION  = ADDON.getAddonInfo('version')
ADDONPATH     = ADDON.getAddonInfo('path')
ADDONDATAPATH = xbmcvfs.translatePath( ADDON.getAddonInfo('profile') )
ADDONICON     = xbmcvfs.translatePath('%s/icon.png' % ADDONPATH )
ADDONLANGUAGE = ADDON.getLocalizedString
SKINNAME      = xbmc.getSkinDir()

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