Trying to modify keymap for music playing controls
I want to add volume control and such while at point in Kodi on a selected song, but I have not been successful.

I have added this (excerpt) to keymaps in gen.xml file (at the operating profile):

    <joystick profile="game.controller.default">

I have been successful in customizing other button fuctions in other areas (e.g. slide show etc...) but cannot find the window for this one

Here is a clip from the log file showing the Window Init right at the screen (point) where I want to change functionality
Line #s 9-11 are right where I would want volume control, bit it doesn't happen.  It stays with original functionality.

From the the last Window Init (line #8, Custom_1109_TopBarOverlay.xml), Window ID 1109 is not listed in
I have tried many window names e.g. seekbar, Music, visualisation, MusicOSD, VisualisationPresetList, MusicInformation (all with exiting and restarting Kodi)

I do not find any *.xml files (via Midnight Controller file explorer) throughout Kodi other than gen.xml (under the profile that I am operating music from).

Kodi v. 18.7 on RetroPie
Raspberry Pi: 4B
USB Devices: Vilros SNES wireless controllers
I think maybe seekbar window is grabbing your input.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Matrix see: Aeon MQ5 Mod Martix release thread
Leia see: Aeon MQ5 Mod Leia release thread
(2021-04-15, 01:04)scott967 Wrote: I think maybe seekbar window is grabbing your input.

scott s.
Tried seekbar again - no go.

Looking at the log file again, the last Window Inits were DialogSeekBar.xml and Custom_1109_TopBarOverlay.xml
The screen that is up on Kodi is "Now Playing".
... and for clarity, the left/right buttons seek (as indicated at the bottom of the screen), and the buttons I have set to control volume (up/down) still do the original function (left - goes back to the beginning of the song; right - does nothing (I thinkthis is only because I have one song playing, not from a playlist).
Do you display the music details when playing music? if so then your keymap should work if you toggle the music details off, to do what you want with the music detaiuls displayed then they need to go in the FullscreenInfo section within the keymap.
Also when debuging these kind of things you can add the action Skin.ToggleDebug() to the Global section in the keymap to toggle a debug overlay on/off and that will tell you the Window which is active.
Thank you for the skin toggle debugging function (BTW, I believe that is w/o the parenthesis ).
With that enabled, it tells "Window: visualisation MusicVisualisation.xml" - where is MusicVisualisation.xml?

I've been putting the customization in gen.xml (of active user profile) - I see window seekbar does not work here
MusicVisualisation.xml: to re-iterate, I'm on Raspberry Pi, RetroPie, Kodi (18.7). I've looked everywhere I can see and have not found all these other xml files.
See the Kodi identification is visualisation then MusicVisualisation.xml is the skin file for this window, so the keymap section is visualisation. Looking again at what you say you added to the keymap and I've just noticed you spelt visualisation with a z instead of a s which is wrong, was was this a typo in your forum post or is that what you've actually got.
Yes, that was it.  I cut and paste to the forum to retain accuracy for this reason.

Thank you!

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Trying to modify keymap for music playing controls0
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