Can I add internet radio channels to the music library?
Hi.  I'm playing around with Kodi (on my PC) and have successfully added a folder of videos that I can now watch on my TV via a Dune media player (using Kodi as a UPnP server).

I want to do the same with some radio streams so I've made a folder and put a .strm file into it.  Using Kodi/Music, I can play the stream on my PC but not on my internet radio.  As you can see from the pic, despite there being a folder called 'Kodi music' (containing the .strm file) the main window insists the library is empty.  I've right-clicked the folder and scanned it to Library more than once.  The main window says '...and configure it'.  I've never seen that option so maybe this is where my problem lies.

Am I doing something wrong?  Should the main screen be different now that there's a folder within 'Music'?  Thank you.  Sorry, can't find a way to make my pic appear orginal size.

The music library is populated by the embedded tags in your music files. Stream files do not have embedded tags, so they can't be read into the library.

I am not really sure why you would want to scan a radio stream into Kodi so you can play it on your "internet radio"?? Why not play it directly on your internet radio?
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Because Pure say it can't be added due to 'advances in technology'.  I want to show them that my 'old' radio can still play this particular station.
You can play internet radio streams using Kodi, but since they are not static tagged music files you don't scan them into the music library at all.

One of out internet radio enthusiasts could explain how they manage their radio channels etc. @black_eagle perhaps?
I cheated!!

A long time ago, before the addon, I discovered that I could add streams (with icons etc) to the favourites menu and play them directly from there.  Family wasn't very clued up at the time about using Kodi (XBMC then) so I renamed favourites to 'Internet Radio' in the skin.  We don't use favourites anyway so it didn't matter that I abused it in this way.

Looks like this in my skin.


Just have to click on a station and it plays.  This is Planet Rock.


So my radio stations are separate from the music library, but still integrated into the skin. If the stream contains the artist and track names then v19 will display them and artistslideshow can do the background art for the artist. If the stream is shoutcast v2 (like the Planet Rock one), v19 can pull the art from the stream (if there is any) and display it. That picture of The Doors bottom left is directly out of the stream.

Easy to manage and easy for the family to use. Takes a little time to set up but once you've figured out how to do it, adding a station is easy.
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Except that this user wants Kodi to access the internet radio stream and then pass it onwards via UPnP to a Pure internet radio device, something like I guess.

I don't believe this will be possible as I don't believe Kodi can serve internet streams via UPnP to other devices.
(2021-04-27, 12:10)dortmunder Wrote: Because Pure say it can't be added due to 'advances in technology'.  I want to show them that my 'old' radio can still play this particular station.

You will likely need a specialist Media/Music software sever like Serviio or Airsonic to do something like this.
Great stuff. Many thanks, guys.

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Can I add internet radio channels to the music library?0
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