#EXTM3U url-tvg several EPG urls on PVR IPTV Simple Client
Hi there,
Is it possible that on the new version of "PVR IPTV Simple Client" the url-tvg tag could read several urls?
Something like:
#EXTM3U url-tvg="https://ricxepg.nl/epg_data/rytecUK_SkyLive.gz, https://ricxepg.nl/epg_data/rytecPT.gz"
With one url works perfectly but I have several EPG urls that my M3u list uses, and would be great to have this functionality. As for instance some android app IPTV have.
I know that addon "IPTV Merge" does this, and it is very useful, but at the end, for me it's easier to manage the URL of the EPGs using my M3u list.
No this is not possible. The addon assumes that both the M3U and XMLTV are compatible and do not have conflicts.

Ensuring this is the job of addons like IPTV merge.
Maintainer of Enigma2 PVR addon: repo, docschangelog
How to create a full debug: here
I think he's asking for support for multiple epgs in the single url-tvg tag. Comma delimited I think.

I'll look into supporting it in iptv merge

IPTV Merge 0.15.8 now supports x-tvg-url and url-tvg (and allows multiple urls separated by comma)

Also, for your XZ issue (https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=362325) I've tried those epg urls and works in IPTV Merge.
Does need Kodi 19 though.
Hello Matthuisman,
That's was what exactly what I need. 
I have updated in my kodi installation your add-on to version 0.15.8 and also had to update SlyGuy Common addon to version 0.27.5 manually (as information).
Then I disabled all the EPG urls that I had on the add-on IPTV Merge.
Updated my playlist m3u file with all the EPG’s urls, adding tag “url-tvg” (I use eleven EPG).
Click “run merge”.
The playlist was downloaded and the eleven EPG (and here I had a big smile).
Now is working perfectly. Many thanks for the quick and so good answer from your side.
Just a small comment. I’m using windows 10 (I use it to test because is quicker) and when it works, I customize my android smartphones and box tv.
Related with the other post, (362325 (thread)), for those that have Kodi 19, your addon solve the problem, but I think that those that have an older version of Kodi, your addon can’t be installed, right?
If not, they won’t be able to use this feature (tag “url-tvg”) on PVR IPTV Simple client. They only be able to add one url and that URL need to point out to a XML file or a XZ or GZIP that inside has a XML file with an extension dot xml. Well… I’m not sure if PVR IPTV Simple client for Kodi old versions has the option to read tag “url-tvg”, maybe that is the 1[sup]st[/sup] question that we need to know.
I will try to provide the full debug log as Phunkyfish requested.
Thanks again.
Hello Matthuisman,

I think could be an issue with google drive links. 

With the EPG feature of the IPTV Merge, google drive links work perfectly.

With the tag "url-tvg=" if the url is a google drive link, the EPG is not loaded. Kodi error log: "T:8460    ERROR <general>: AddOnLog: pvr.iptvsimple: pvr.iptvsimple - iptvsimple::Epg::LoadChannelEpgs - EPG channels not found."

If you want I can provide you the complete log,with EPG feature and with "url-tvg=".

Hello Matthuisman,

The version 0.16.0 can't download from a google drive url, with EXTM3U tag"url-tvg=", the EPG, yet. 

Using the EPG feature of the IPTV Merge it works, as before.


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