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I'm trying to find out a way to automatically hide the extended information display when music visualisation is started, so that the more concise display is shown instead.  I know it's possible to toggle between the displays by hitting the "i" key (if a keyboard is connected), but it's kind of a drag to have to do that every single time I put on some music.

According to this thread, it's possible to do this in the default Estuary skin by writing a bit of XML.  But from looking at Rapier's XML files, it doesn't appear that the modification is straightforward to convert.

For clarification, here's a screenshot of how it looks currently:


And here's a screenshot of how I'd like for it to look instead:


The "Switch to visualisation on playback" option has been enabled, if that's relevant.

Is there a way to achieve this automatically with Rapier?
if you don't used the i button the info dissapears after 5 seconds..
Is this a setting?  Mine stays on the extended display indefinitely.

It would be much better if it could just go to the second view automatically, without showing any extended information.  It's fine if I have to make an XML mod (or whatever) to make it work like that.
Hi zyxabacab and welcome to the forums.

The fullscreen info will always automatically display when entering fullscreen music window.
It will get timed out and hide after some seconds of inactivity.
That's standard Kodi behavoir and will happen this way in all skins.

If you press "I" or "Info" on a remote, or the OSD Information button, it will display again.
Make sure one of those have not activated the fullscreen info.

The thread in your link is not about removing fullscreen info.
It's about switching directly to fullscreen music window on music playback.
That's a feature which was introduced in Kodi 19, so the thread is no longer relevant.
Come to think of it, I actually completely agree with you.

If the skin setting:
Media > Fullscreen Music > "Show CD art and info in fullscreen music"
is enabled, the window should not open with fullscreen info dialog displayed.

I will change that in the next development and official version.

Could you please install my development repository and try v12.2.32?
Neat!  The development version works just as described.

I'll switch back to the non-development version once v12.2.32 goes into general release.

That's really great -- thank you for the support!
That sounds so great.

Thanks for testing it and for the feedback.

I'll mark this thread as solved.
So... after a little further testing (including a reboot), the display behaves inconsistently.  When playback starts, only the concise track information is shown; but when the track changes, detailed information is shown instead.  The details are shown regardless of whether the track is changed manually, or because the previous track ended.

I don't know why this didn't happen before I rebooted; but it's happening every time now.  (I didn't uninstall the stable version of the Rapier skin first -- I just installed the directly development version from the repo.  Maybe that has something to do with it?)
It will always show when the next song is cued.
That's standard Kodi behavoir and there's nothing I can do about this.

In advancedsettings.xml you can specify after how many seconds the info should fade out:
Standard is 10 seconds.
I understand now.  Kodi is sufficiently sophisticated to make it difficult to know exactly which part is responsible for which task!

From poking around in Kodi's source code, there might be a lead in setting the lower bound of the range of m_songInfoDuration to -1, then modifying one of the functions in GUIWindowVisualisation.cpp to go directly to displaying the concise information if said value is set to -1.  It might be low-hanging fruit! ...Maybe.

If I can get Kodi to build on my PC, I'll try to get it to work this way, and see if I can't submit a patch or something.

In any case, sorry that I didn't catch that on the first time around -- I should have been more careful in testing it.  At least the other side works exactly as intended!
Cool that you can read the source code Smile
And really impressive that you might have found a way to achieve your goal.

If you lower the range to -1, could that lead to completely hiding the info on window load and next/previous track?
Right now the value 0 will show the info indefinately, so the value 1 (which will display the info for 1 second) is closest.
Thank you!  It's nice to finally find that years of messing around with stuff really pays off! :p

Yes, it would ideally work just like that -- with -1 meaning "no display/go straight to concise display", 0 meaning "indefinite display", and any positive integer meaning "display for n seconds".  (It probably doesn't already work like that as a setting of -1 would be rather redundant with the default Estuary skin.)

But actually expanding Kodi's understanding of these settings is much less straightforward... so I guess we'll have to see if this attempt succeeds or not!
Haha, it's always fun to mess around with code Big Grin

That sounds very logical.
Please let me know what you find out. Wink

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