ProjectM music visualization on Fire TV Stick - SOLVED!
I post this thread to try to help anyone avoid the weeks of trouble I had trying to get the ProjectM (or pretty much any other...) music visualization to work on a Fire TV Stick.

I'll provide more details below, but, for the quick solution, what I needed was the 4K version of the Fire TV Stick.

I had gotten myself a new router that I could stick a flash drive in to make my media available to all my devices throughout my house. I have a Fire Stick Lite in my living room TV that is connected (by toslink) to my home stereo system. I could play music that was on the router's flash drive, through the Fire Stick, and out of my stereo system using VLC, but the interface and the visualization were lacking. So I installed Kodi (thank you so much everyone who works on it!!), and I loved it, except I couldn't get music visualizations to work (except the waveform and somewhat the spectrum analyzer). Generally they just wouldn't load at all.

I tried all the different visualizations, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Kodi, I tried different versions of Kodi, I tried everything on the several-years-older Fire Stick I had in the bedroom, but nothing worked.

So, as suggested above, I thought I might try a Fire TV Stick 4K (2018 release), so I bought one with the expectation that I would be taking advantage of Amazon's generous return policy. But, today I got it, and got everything set up, and, yes, ProjectM works beautifully.

Incidentally, I have been using Milkdrop for Winamp ever since Ryan Geiss first released it (and I was using his "Geiss" plugin before that), so, yes, it was especially thrilling to have that playing on my living room TV through Kodi.

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ProjectM music visualization on Fire TV Stick - SOLVED!0
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